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A Painless Piercing and Useful Tips They May Not Give You

I've wanted to get my tongue pierced since I was probably 14 years old, I've just always thought that they were incredibly sexy. The only thing that discouraged me was the fact that it may be viewed as "gay" since I'm a little bit feminine anyway and that I just had to wait until I turned 18. After my 18th birthday the idea of a piercing was in my mind more and more, just begging to be put into action. After I found out my sister's new boyfriend has a tongue piercing, I made up my mind. I was going to do it.

He went to Randy Adams' tattoo parlor because they apparently do a good job and so I went there as well. I was planning to go on a Friday by myself but my little sister knew I'd chicken out so she basically egged me on to go get it done on Thursday afternoon with her.

There was nobody waiting in front of us so in we went. I told the piercer what I wanted and she told me to pick out a jewelry and sign some papers. I opted for clear acrylic balls that would hide it for a short time, since there was a chance some people in my family would get mad.

She took me back to the room and sat me in the chair and I was starting to get really nervous. I was put at ease when she told me it's the least painful piercing somebody can get but I still remember gargling with the alcohol-free mouthwash she gave me while thinking "what the hell am I doing here?!". I thought it odd that she didn't ask me about placement preference (I thought other piercers did) and so she put it just about a half inch from the tip of my tongue. Not bad. I remember very little from the procedure itself, since our whole stay in the parlor was about 15 minutes (would have been 5 if I didn't almost pass out afterward). She dotted it and stuck the needle in, then put the jewelry through and screwed the balls on. I didn't and haven't bled yet, and it wasn't at all painful. I nearly passed out afterward just because of the adrenaline rush I guess, but it's been three weeks now and I love it. The swelling went down fully after about 5 days and I changed the jewelry a little after two weeks. I got a chance to "use" my new piercing last weekend and...it was definitely worth it.

I told my dad after about a week and he didn't really mind since I'm 18. My little brother hates it but...he's a little brother. I'm getting noticed by girls a lot more when I flick it out and start playing with it in public (yeah, I do it on purpose to get noticed, so what?). I still get a kick out of little kids looking at me and then I flick my tongue out and they start tugging on their moms' shirts to look at me. My piercer didn't give me much instruction on aftercare. I mean, she gave me a sheet telling me some things like eating will take some getting used to and get alcohol-free mouthwash but the following are some tips that I got from my sister's boyfriend and that I found out for myself.

USEFUL ADVICE that they may not tell you:

*Biotene is the alcohol-free mouthwash that I recommend.

*Keep Ibuprofen in your system at pretty much all times, it reduces swelling and pain greatly, and is proven to heal more quickly.

*Drink plenty of ice water (especially in the morning, as the blood has rushed to your head and you haven't had any Ibuprofen yet so the swelling and pain is greater).

*Sleep with your head propped up if you can.

*I was able to eat solids after the second day but it may be longer for some people. Take it slow, using small bites. Smoothie King was my best friend during the first 4 days.

*Use a soft-bristled tooth brush and gargle with Biotene 5 times a day.

*Shop on eBay for new jewelry. At the mall, it's $12.00 for a single ring. On eBay, it's $5.00 for 25 rings. Do the math.

*Some people say the hole will close up instantly if you take too long to change jewelry. That's true, to a point, but it takes me less than a minute to take out a bar and put another one in, so don't worry about losing that hole you just got.

That's basically it. If you're a guy looking to please a girl or just wanting a tongue piercing, do it. It's only noticeable if you stick out your tongue so don't worry about somebody thinking you're gay or worry about people finding out that shouldn't (my sister's boyfriend got his done more than 3 months ago and has many different colored rings and his parents still haven't noticed!).

Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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