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A great tongue piercing experience.

After getting my septum pierced about 4 months earlier, I decided that it was time for something new to adorn my body. I had been thinking about a tongue piercing for quite some time. I thought it would suit me fine and I like piercings that can be hidden easily, since my parents don't fancy the idea of their daughter getting pierced and it might be a problem for my job later on as well.

When I'm considering a new piercing, I always make sure that I'm well informed. I had been looking at the BME encyclopedia risks – section and I was a bit bothered with the risks that come along with tongue piercings, tooth damage in specific. The thought that my teeth might be ruined due to a piercing kind of held me back at first, but I asked my piercer some more information and he told me that if you wear proper sized jewelry and maybe plastic balls, the risks of biting the piercing would be minimal, so I was convinced, I was getting a tongue piercing.

I must admit that I was a bit scared to get the piercing at first, but I always am. I mean, someone is going to jam a needle through your body, so it must be painful, no? That's a thought that always runs through my head when I'm thinking of getting a new piercing.

Anyway, somewhere in the beginning of November 2007, a friend and I went to Pirate Piercing in Turnhout, where I've got my septum pierced as well. It's a very clean shop, a good piercer, friendly people, they make fair prices,... so the choice was easily made.

When we arrived at the shop, we had to fill in the usual consent forms (my friend as well, she was planning on getting 2 microdermals done that day), we received aftercare instructions, bought aftercare products and then we went to the piercing area. I decided to go first, 'cause I wanted it to be over, I was just too nervous to wait some more.

The piercer, Lucas, asked me to hop on the table and stick my tongue out. He dried it a bit and then started doing the marking. I was quite pleased with the placement he advised me, I've got a pretty short tongue and I thought I'd have to get pierced near the tip of my tongue, a placement that I don't like that much, but that wasn't necessary, so I was already happy! Then he asked me to rinse my mouth with half of the cup of mouthwash he gave me and get back on the table. When that was done, he put the clamps on. He asked me if I was ready and I said yes. I took my friend's hand (I'm such a pussy) and Lucas pushed the needle through my tongue. I was so surprised, it was over in less than a second and the pain wasn't even worth mentioning. My friend told me I didn't even squeeze her hand! It was a lot less painful than my septum piercing. When the jewelry was in and the clamps were off, I was allowed to put my tongue back in my mouth. That was actually a bit funny, the bar was quite long (18mm) and I couldn't get it in my mouth without using my hand, haha. Then I had to rinse my mouth once more and all was done!

When my friend had got her two microdermals done, which also went very smoothly, we thanked the PP-crew and left the shop.

After 3 weeks I went back there to get a shorter bar. I've got a 14mm now and all is well. My tongue healed fine, after a week most of the swelling was down and after 4 weeks my tongue was totally healed. Eating was a bit difficult in the beginning. I only ate stuff like yoghurt and soup 'cause that was easy to eat and of course, twice a day I rinsed my mouth with the aftercare mouthwash. I must say that in the beginning, it was a bit awkward to eat. I tended to bite the ball a few times, which kind of freaked my out because I was afraid that I would keep doing that forever! If that had been the case, I'd have taken the piercing out (my teeth are more important to me than a piercing), but luckily I quickly got used to constantly having a bar in my mouth and now I don't have problems with that anymore. I also like the fact that people mostly don't notice my tongue ring, unless I tell them I've got it. That was part of what I wanted.

So, I think it's clear that I'm a happy girl! Thank you Pirate Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Lucas
Studio: Pirate+Piercing
Location: Turnhout%2C+Belgium

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