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My tongue piercing experience

I have wanted to get my tongue pierced for ages my mam and my sister hated the idea because my sister looked at horror stories on the Internet about it and they tried their best to talk me out of it, to stop them worrying I told them I wasn't going to get it done and I went to see about it in secret thought i would worry about telling them later.

So a few weeks ago I went to PX piercing in Newcastle, I was so nervous thanks to my sister trying to freak me out I was scared of something going wrong, so I went in and told them what I wanted done the woman told me to sit down and that she would check my tongue, she put gloves on and had a look at the underside of my tongue, she pressed on it and she must have looked at it for about five minutes then she said I couldn't have it done because I had a vein running down the middle of my tongue, gutted wasn't the word I was devastated I walked out of the place feeling really disappointed because I had already looked online at all the pretty tongue studs I could get.

So I got home and had a good bitch about it to a few people online then one girl came on and told me I should get a second opinion because she was told she had a vein down the middle of her tongue by one place and that they wouldn't pierce it but she went somewhere else and they did it for her, so after much debating and looking around for other good places in Newcastle that I could check out I decided to go to Hype, I didn't even know this place existed till someone on another forum told me about it (and I've lived in Newcastle for 26 years) so I called them up and asked how much it would be and they said £25 plus the bar downsize (£5 cheaper than PX) and they said I wouldn't even need an appointment cool!.

So last Friday I decided to bite the bullet and go for it, after I went to a meeting I had to go to me and my partner walked to the studio I was more nervous this time than I was last time I felt like I was walking to the dentist to have a tooth pulled, so anyway I got there and told them what I wanted done I told them that I had gone to PX and asked for it to be done and they wouldn't do it as soon as I said that the woman said 'we can do it' they gave me a form to be filled out so I filled that out and handed it back to them the woman (Nikki) was lovely she was gorgeous looking she had loads of tattoos and piercings and she suited them all, she also had the tongue done which put me more at ease, she asked me if I had eaten that day I told her no so she made me have the packet of crisps I had just bought then she took me downstairs and said my boyfriend could come with me she was so friendly and chatty the whole time it put me at ease a lot.

She told me to 'park my bum' on the bed thing in the room she set about getting all the equipment ready all the time chatting away to me and my boyfriend, she tried to talk my boyfriend into having his done but he said he likes his food too much, so she got all the equipment out on the trolley then she gave me some Listerine mouthwash to swill my mouth out with then she told me to stick my tongue out, she checked it with a light (something they didn't do in PX) and she said piercing it would be 'no problem' so she dried my tongue with some kitchen roll (worst part is that by the way) and she marked it up then told me to go check in the mirror to see if that's where I wanted it I said it was fine then she dried my tongue again and put the clamp on, by this time I was so nervous my mind was screaming no don't do it! but I knew I had come this far so couldn't back out now, she told me to close my eyes as it puts her off when people look at her when shes doing piercings then she told me to take a deep breath in and then breath out, as I was breathing out she pushed the needle through my tongue then she put the barbell in and put the ball on, she then pored me a lovely cold cup of water and went through the aftercare sheet with me, the sheet was very detailed she told me to get some alcohol free mouthwash and to buy a new toothbrush and some ibuprofen tablets to help with the swelling, she told me that if I needed anymore advice I should not hesitate to phone them or to pop into the studio, she told me to pop back in 2 weeks to get the bar downsized

I have to say that I was so surprised with how it felt it did not hurt at all! all I felt was a scratch much like you feel if you get blood taken at the doctors/hospital, it takes two seconds from the needle going through to the bar being put in it's so quick! Nikki said it must not have hurt because I didn't try and slap her like some people have tried, when it was over I could have cried with relief/excitement I couldn't believe that I had done something I've wanted to do for so long.

On a whole the experience was great and I would definitely recommend Hype studio to anyone, the staff are so friendly and they put you at ease they will also do anything for you, I will definitely be going back there in future, what I found good about it also was that Nikki talked about her own experience with her tongue piercing which made me feel a lot better about getting it done.

A lot of people say the aftercare is the worst part and I wholeheartedly agree! the bar takes a lot of getting used to because it is such long length, when I walked out of the studio I couldn't even lick my lips (luckily I've got used to doing it now) and it was also very hard to talk, the first thing I did was pop to Superdrug to stock up on mouthwash, a new toothbrush and some ibuprofen tablets, when I got home I swilled my mouth out with mouthwash by this time my tongue was pretty achy so I took two ibuprofen and had some soup for my dinner (afterwards swilling my mouth with mouthwash again).

The next day when I woke up my tongue felt ok it was swollen though but it wasn't really that sore, that day I only ate soup and I have to say I didn't feel that hungry, the second day I had, had it done it felt more sore it wasn't anymore swollen but it felt more tender and again all I had to eat was soup I tried a bit of mashed potato too and I could manage that ok, ice cream is another good thing to eat, I didn't start eating solid foods until wednesday just gone, I started with a slice of bread with my soup and found that pretty easy so I moved onto other solid foods, not forgetting to use mouthwash after everything I ate/drank, I have to admit that for the first few days I was so tempted to take it out but I am so pleased I stuck with it.

Now it has been one week and one day since I have had it done and I am eating a lot better now, I can have most solid foods but I just have to take small bites and take my time eating it, it's not sore at all now but it is still swollen so I'm still taking ibuprofen to help with it, I'm still finding talking a bit difficult but it's getting easier.

I am very pleased I went through with getting this done and although the aftercare has been hard it has been totally worth it and I can not wait for the bar to be downsized and to be able to buy all of the pretty bars I've seen.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Nikki
Studio: Hype
Location: Newcastle+Upon+Tyne

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