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My shiny new toy!

Well it's taken me a while to publish my experience and that's because I'm pretty new to BMEzine. I've been on the site a few times to get idea's for new piercing's but I've never contributed, and I think it's about time! So, I had my tongue pierced when I was 16, I had wanted it done since I could remember, it was one of the prettier body mods in my opinion. So I talked to my parents, and they agreed, so off I went with my Mam to go and get my shiny new toy!

I phoned ahead to the piercing studio to make sure that they weren't too busy, because they do tattoos too you can have trouble getting your piercing in before someone starts a new sitting. So I arrived at Ultimate Ink sometime early Saturday afternoon, the place was empty, but as always the place looked sparkling. Walls and walls filled with jewellery and tattoo designs...this was definitely my haven! Leigh had pierced me many times before and has pierced me many times since, and every time it's been a pleasant experience. As I had some time to kill, I looked and jewellery that I could invest in for my future piercings.

I asked the price, it was £35, pretty cheap come to think of it. I paid and signed the form; my Mam also had to sign as my guardian. So there I was in the waiting room, at this point my heart started racing at the thought of my tongue getting a lovely needle through it. I had heard various stories about going paralyzed if it goes wrong, how the pain was unbearable etc. But I have to say, it was nothing! Maybe it's because I had psyched myself out so much, but I can honestly say that my nose hurt more.

I sat on Leigh's chair, which looked like something out of a dentist's room, while he unpacked all the needles and put gloves on etc. He talked me though the procedure, told me about the dangers of the piercing and how I must take good care of it because a lot can go wrong. I was also advised to stay away from beer, needless to say I was underage and actually didn't drink but still, because there's yeast in beer it can cause a yeast infection in the piercing because it's an open wound.

He then proceeded to check my tongue for veins, and we decided to pierce it at an angle because I had a crucial vain through the middle of my tongue. He then gave me a numbing liquid that I had to swill around my tongue; it tasted like banana but not in a good way. He did a few pokes and prods to check how numb it was and began to place the clam over my tongue. I personally think that the clamp was the most uncomfortable part of the whole process. It pinched, and normally I'm ok with the clamp, but for some reason it didn't agree with me on this piercing.

He told me to breathe in slowly and explained that I would feel a slight 'pop' when the needle went through. So I took a deep slow breath and there it was, over in a second, I barely noticed the pain, although I still jerked. I think this was more to do with me expecting pain rather than the actual feeling I got. But I must say, there's nothing quite like opening your eyes and seeing a massive needle through your tongue!

He put the jewellery in, which I admit, did pinch slightly. And told me to swill my mouth out with water, which was fun when your mouth is completely numb, you cant really spit...only dribble. So after that classy exit, I paid and was told my aftercare procedure. So a salt wash twice a day and to use disinfectant mouth wash after every meal.

I wont lie, there was pain after, and it did swell up to about 2inchs thick, and it took around a month to reduce back to its normal size. There was pain after the anaesthetic wore off, but not a horrible pain, it just ached a lot of the time, especially after waking up in the mornings because I hadn't been moving my tongue. But all in all the aftercare was pretty simple; I don't think you can get it wrong. Out of all my piercing's, I have to say that this one was by far the easiest piercing to take care of, and the healing process was simple and easy.

Well its 5 years later and it is still my favourite piercing! I feel naked if I take it out, I think anyone who wants this piercing should get it. It's super sexy and very fun to have.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Leigh+Burton
Studio: Ultimate+Ink
Location: South+Wales%2C+UK

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