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The least painful piercing on earth

Initially, my friend wanted me to get a piercing in particular a tongue piercing. Well first she wanted me to get my clit but...I didn't think that piercing was for me.....anyways back to the tongue piercing, then I had thought about it on whether it would hurt. Nevertheless, when I started to think about well since the tongue is a muscle and it heals pretty fast well it would be an exceptional piercing to my collection. I already had several other piercings like a cartilage piercing & eyebrow & double hole on the ears.

We decided that I would get my piercing a certain day because I had to do a speech for a class and I wanted to make sure I would be able to talk correctly. You know so I would not slur my words and articulate effectively.

Some Thursday, I believe was around the middle of month I got it done in October 2007 perhaps. I remember that because I was still contemplating on what kind of piercing I wanted and or tattoo.

Therefore, I followed through and me and my group of friends headed over towards Aces. We had previously gone to some other place to get it done, but that place did not do piercings. I am like what the FUCK; this is a tattoo place there are suppose to be people that do tattoos & piercings. However, the dumb-nut recommended us to go to Aces on teasley lane. Therefore, we went. It's fairly close to some of North Texas's Universities and making it not that out of the way.

The piercer asked me what I wanted and I told her I wanted a tongue piercing. She asked for me to stick out my tongue, and like so I did. She merely nodded at me & ushered me to fill out that lovely paper work. I was not that nervous & what not from already doing this for my brow I had a few months before. It was much different since you know there is going to be used a needle instead of one of those pathetic guns, which by the way lessen the experience of a piercing. Simply, you feel like you are running & undergo that high of endorphins. What a feeling! Like you are on top of the world and just express no feeling of worry. It works off all that stress you undergo on a daily basis.

Once I finished my paper work. The piercer led me to a seat only a brief walk away. I looked at the pack that came with me and the woman said I could only bring one person. So the first person that was closest to me came with me and held my hand. To start she was explaining all that hygiene info about how you cannot intake alcohol and shit...I sort of ignored her and fell into a sort of trance of illusion. She placed all the materials and essentials to do the deed... As if I already knew all the risks of the piercing like how there is a vein in the tongue that if you touch it you can die as I have heard. Then you can develop that one thing (like yeast infection in the mouth).yummy sounds excellent. ha, just making sure you are reading and understanding what my point is. I like risks that is what life is about.

Well once she was about to pursue the act I glanced at her face closely and noticed all her modification of piercings. Her bleach blonde hair sort of made her stand out and those facial piercings were just beautiful. She had a helix and some other ones that made her face look all distinct. Since she was recommended, I really had the utmost first impression of her. The person at the other shop said this place is well known and yada yada. Her latex off white gloves caught my attention as well.

I stuck my tongue out at her command and allowed my eyes to slowly relax, still grasping that other life friend's hand who will always be ever clear in memory. Okay so I prepare myself and think about nothing, but clear and not detailed thoughts about anything that could cloud my mind of the experience. The piercer pokes the death hole with the needle in the center of my tongue and I merely think that was it.(with only the needle in my mouth popping my eyes back open).Next she slides the jewelry in. That first so little barbell in my mouth. It was the strangest feeling bringing it back into my mouth having still having my tongue out. The silver bar was everything I thought about then on forward. The woman told me to suck on ice & go to a stop to get some for the swelling. She also said not to have dairy products for a good while... My friends kept asking me to stick out my tongue and I was still getting used to sticking out my tongue with something attached to it. I am still careful about my tongue & eating not to chip anything.

That night I fell asleep quickly from all the events of the day. The following morning I wake with a swollen purple tongue that is fairly big. I honestly talked weird from then on for about a couple of days. It was probably 4 weeks or so when I knew this jewelry had to be changed to a smaller one. So I smartly went to another piercing place and lied saying I had the piercing for a good 6 weeks. I wanted them to change it for me and fix me for a smaller barbell. Haha it worked and I had the desire fulfilled. I could talk. HaHa!The person that changed the piercing was defiantly knowing I probably lied because he said it looked a bit swollen & said to keep the long original bar for when or if it swells again, which it did when I had star bucks a couple of days later having something really hot too quickly. I totally forgot to not have hot things & I really neglected to stay away from dairy. I'm a fool for sorbet & anything ice cream like.

Overall, this piercing did not hurt a bit! Then again, it just may be different for everyone on his or her pain intake tolerance. Honestly, I think my brow piercing hurt more than my tongue, but it maybe just because I saw the blood and with the tongue, it all went away quickly with the listerine.I recommend this piercing to anyone. Oh, my mom finally figured out I got the piercing when I had my mouth wide-open exclaiming 'MOM' when she walks in my room without knocking. Hey, it is my room...Please knock mom you know the law! Haha...Sorry I have a habit with using Disney phrases from his movies. Can you guess what Disney movie 'You know the law' is from? Oh my good god that will keep you wondering. The parentals did not exactly welcome me home when I turned of age to get a piercing, which my first on my own piercing was my eyebrow. I always hid it from the mother especially by forcing my midhair-layered bangs as a blanket for cover.

Well, I hope you have thought about my story and it aides you for what you want to get or not get. Do as you please really is what I think. You only live once might as well life it throughly.wow; this just reminded me of the tw. Series, which I recommend.

Afterwards, well it has been a good 5 months since I have got my piercing and I still love it! Hell, get that fucking piercing if you are reading this, you won't regret it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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