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Okay, I've been wanting to get my tongue pierced for ages. Ever since I went to have my belly button pierced when I was about 14, I've wanted to get my tongue done but of course, the parents wouldn't agree. I've spent the last 4 years asking my mum every two seconds if I can do it, and of course with the same reply every time "no" . Now i've been eighteen for a while and have been pondering the thought of weather to get it done, seeing as there is noting that my mum can do about it now! Why not is the answer I came up with, so I've finally got round to doing it yesterday,deciding that it would be now or never seeing as my decision making skills are not great!

I went to pick up my mate from Lakenheath so she could come with me, and the idea was to go to Newmarket's Second Skin. So we went all the way there just to find out you had to book. Gutted. So the decision was either to try and make it back to cambridge to see if I could get into Tattoo Crazy, but it was half 4 and Tattoo Crazy shuts at 5. So we decided that we would not make it back to Cambridge in time, so back to Lakenheath we go! I got there at about 6pm and managed to get into the piercing shop in Lakenheath. By this point I was so scared, I literally had to be pushed into the shop. I have many other piercings such as my anti-tragus, lip twice, belly button etc and love being pierced, but actually getting the piercing scares me so much!!!

I had read up on the internet plenty of times before I went to do this about how to look after it and what to expect...and It was nothing like that! Everyone says it doesn't hurt at all, but i found the experience quite different. So after about half an hour of just sitting there letting the idea go round and round in my head, the guy finally comes out after finishing someones tattoo (don't like the noise of that either) and asked me to go through. I rinsed my mouth out with some stuff that he gave me and then I sat down on the old dentist type chair! Mine hurt so much(dribbled lots!!!), and bleed loads. Not nice! And the pulling around on my tongue that the piercer did before sticking the needle through (in order to find the right place to do it!) was also just as painful. After he had put the tongue bar I managed to clean myself up(not attractive) and then had to go wash my mouth out again with the same stuff, this time it being a little bit more difficult! But I did it and walked out with a huge tongue bar in my mouth...not the most comfortable thing!

I was then in serious pain for the rest of the day with a tongue the size of a small football. DO NOT expect to go home and eat a roast dinner like I did...cause it will not be happening! I spent the whole night in pain, hungry and dying for a cigarette! And it didn't help that I had my friend in my ear telling me how her tongue piercing was nothing like this and didn't hurt one bit. I was getting very angry indeed. So I decided to go round one of my mates house and try and keep my mind of things by sitting at the party listening to other peoples conversations (i'm not weird, just it hurt too much to talk so was easier to just not do it!) and holding the snake. This got me through the evening and went home to eat as much ice cream as I could manage! During the night I found that the swelling had gone down loads since eating the ice cream which made sleeping easy =)

So far this morning I haven't been in any pain, but eating / smoking / talking is still incredibly painful and the swelling has doubled again! Everyone else is finding this funny (well apart from my mum who has given me the "disappointment speech") and my dad has found it very funny to cook a bacon sandwich in front of me...not funny when you are this hungry!! Soup just doesn't fill you up like a bowl of pasta or a bacon sandwich would!

Hopefully soon I will have the perfect tongue piercing that I have wanted for so long! I don't regret it at all, as i'm sure it will all turn out fine and I will show off my new piercing all the time, just it can be exceptionally painful, and everyone takes the piss for talking like a complete idiot...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Location: Lakenheath

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