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awesome tongue piercing

I actually got my tongue pierced 7 months ago but that says 6. Ok well this all started one day me and my friend where talking about we wanted to get our tongues pierced. A couple of nights later I asked my mom if I could get it done she said we will see. I cant remember when she said yes but she did. Also my friends mom said she could get hers done because her mom already had hers done. So we set the date to March 23,2007 because that was the date we got out of school for spring break. So we started looking for a place that would do it. Then one day I was on a web site of tattoo shop and it said that you have to 16 here for any type of piercing to be done and we were only 13 at the time. I was really really mad.

So then I didn't really think about it for awhile but I still wanted it done really bad. When we were originally supposed to get them done right after that my friend and her family were going to Tennessee for spring break. So when she got there she found out you could get any piercing there done you just have to have a parent. So she got hers done about 3 months before me. So I was like I HAVE to get it done because when she got back I always saw her play with it and stuff and I think it just looks really cool.

So then I started coming on here and reading stories and going on You tube and watching videos of people getting there tongues pierced.Then in June I really started trying to find places that would do it. Then I found a place I was really excited but really nervous. So on June 30,2007 is the day I got it done. The place I found that would do it though was like and 1 and a half hours away from where I live. So me, my mom,my dad,and my friend went. We got to the place around 5.

I was really really really nervous my friend kept telling me it didnt hurt at all but I was still really nervous.We walked into the place and i saw this guy with a bunch of piercings and I knew he had to be the piercer guy. His name was Mike. So me and my mom signed this paper and he copied her drivers license.Also he had me put my tongue between my teeth to were he could see the bottom of my tongue and he could pierce it so he told me to follow him. My mom and my friend watched my dad wouldn't though.

He told me sit down on the bench thing and he put on gloves and got out all the stuff which was all new.I was SOOOOO nervous by now. Then he had me rinse my mouth out and put a paper towel in my shirt like a bib. He looked at my tongue again and marked it.Then he changed gloves again.Then he started telling me how to take care of it and not to smoke pot or drink alcohol which I don't do either but he still told me. Then he had me stick my tongue out and he clamped it. I'm not sure why people say these hurt because they don't at all. He had me hold up the ends of the paper towel that was tucked into my shirt so the needle would fall into it.Then he told me to take a deep breath and when I exhaled he pushed the needle through that didn't hurt either it was just a pressure.Then he put the barbell in I didn't really feel that either. Then I put my tongue back in my mouth it felt really weird.Then all of a sudden I felt like i was going to throw up.He was like do you feel alright.I shook my head no because I felt like I couldn't talk then he handed me the trash can and I felt like I was going to pass out but then a threw up and I felt a lot better then my mom tipped him and I walked out. When I got to the truck it started to swell but I took a picture of it and sent it to my friends. After just a little bit it started to hurt really bad so I made my dad stop and get ice that made it feel a lot better. We had to stop and get Popsicles and mouth wash too.

When I got home it was hurting a lot but I loved it.

The next week sucked. The first morning when I woke up it was sore and swelled. It was only swollen really big for about 5 days then after that it started to go down. The first week all I ate was soup,Popsicles,and crushed up ramen noodles and when I ate I would put the food behind my tongue ring and just swallow it when I was eating soup or ramen noodles or anything else I could just swallow. After the first week though I could eat about anything just really slow.I also rinsed my mouth out with half Listerine and half water after everything I ate. I only drank water for the first two weeks because everything else made it sting. I have had it now for 7 months almost 8 and I love it. I have like 32 different barbells so I have a lot of different balls I can change it to. I have had the top hole close up on me once when I took it out when I went to Washington,D.C with my school so it wouldn't go off in the security things because I thought it would but it doesn't not even in the white house. I had it out for like 4 hours before I put it back in and I had to push it through the top hole that hurts really really bad. It swelled up a little bit and it was sore like I just had got it pierced.

We aren't supposed to have any piercings at my school but ears but I haven't gotten caught with mine because you cant see it when I talk unless i open my mouth a lot.

So if you want this piercing go for it.

I hope that my story helped because if a 14 year old can get it done anybody can so don't be afraid just go for it. Also if you are scared of pain just remember pain always goes away sometime.Pain doesn't last long.

Remember that


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on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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