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The tale of my double tongue web (DIY)

Before I get into my story, I'll give you a bit of background info. I'm 20 and I currently have 29 piercings (and a couple more that I had to remove) and 4 tattoos. From a very early age, I have always loved body mods, particularly piercings, and have done several of my own, including lobe piercings, anti-tragus, inverse navel, labret, nostril, inner labia a surface piercing on the inside of my ankle, and my double tongue web, the subject of this story.

Okay, so let me start by saying that DIY piercing is not a good plan. I do it because I know how, and I always use proper, sterile equipment. I would not recommend that anyone follow my example. If you are going to self pierce, make sure that everything you use is new and is properly sterilised - Heating jewellery with a lighter, or dropping it in alcohol will not work! Also make sure you know about the piercing you are going to do, the proper procedure, aftercare and the risks. Also be prepared for any consequences of your actions. If you're self piercing because you're parents won't let you get pierced, then chances are they'll be 10 times more mad with you for doing it yourself!

Anyway, here's my story.

I had my tongue web pierced professionally a couple of years ago, and I loved it. However, it migrated, and got to the point where it was only held in place by a millimetre of skin, and it was getting to the point where it could easily come out by itself, and I didn't want to swallow it in my sleep or anything, so I decided I would have to take it out.

I am sure that many of you share the feeling that I have when you remove a piercing, like it's a part of you, and it can be quite traumatic. But I had a plan! I had been thinking for a while that I would love a second tongue web piercing, but as I hadn't planned for this when I got the first one, it was positioned too centrally, and there was not enough room either above it, or below it for a second. Taking this one out would mean that it could be replaced with two!

So, one day after work, I took out the old one, and got ready to pierce the two new ones! I lined up my two sterile, single use 14g needles, my clamps, some paper towel (holding your mouth open in that position makes you dribble a lot!) and sterilised my jewellery (two 14g titanium curved barbells). I also cleaned my teeth and used some anti-bacterial mouthwash, and I was ready to go!

After checking my tongue web for positioning, I lined myself up for the first piercing, clamped it and pierced. As with when I got the original piercing, I hardly felt a thing, just a tiny prick when the needle first touched the webbing. I decided that the easiest way to do it would be to pierce both holes first before putting the barbells in. So, with the plastic tubing still in the first hole I lined up and clamped for the second. It was a bit tricky getting the clamps lined up around the first piercing, but I did it on the second go, and pierced the second hole, again only feeling the tiniest pinch.

Getting the jewellery in was fairly easy, just inserting it into the end of the tubing and following it through the piercing, but then came the tricky bit - getting the balls on! It took me almost an hour and a half, with two sets of pliers to get the balls on and tighten them up, by which time I had drooled everywhere!

I generally just leave my piercings to themselves while healing, and that's pretty much what I did with these. Just a warning though, tongue web piercings do build up plaque very easily, so every couple of days you will need to give them a good clean. The best way I've found is to dip a cotton bud in some mouthwash and clean the piercing with that. Always use alcohol free mouthwash with a new piercing though - alcohol thins the blood and will prolong the healing period. I had no trouble eating with my new additions, it was much easier than with my standard tongue piercing.

If you want a tongue web piercing then go for it. It doesn't hurt at all and they're easy to hide if parents/work are an issue. I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself though, get it done by a professional, and only get one done at a time. Like I said, I did mine myself because I know how. I did both mine together because I know my body, I know how it reacts to piercings and I knew I could heal them.


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on: 14 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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