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The Adventures of my Tiny Tongue!

 My center tongue piercing was by far my most nerve-wracking and ambitious piercing. However, compared to my earlobe, nostril, and industrial piercings, it was (to my surprise) the least painful.

I got my tongue pierced at Miraculous Creations in Worcester, MA by a woman named Heather. Miraculous Creations was where I got my industrial done, and they did a fabulous job with it so I trusted them to do an equally fabulous job on my tongue. The place is always immaculately clean, the piercers are friendly and professional, and the work done there is always first rate. I felt extremely comfortable there, even when I sat in the chair (which, in my opinion, is always the scariest part!)

I walked in, mouthwashed for a minute, and then sat down. Heather told me to put my head all the way back in the chair and to stick my tongue all the way out and then all the way up so she could see the underside of it. She examined it with a light to identify where my veins were, and then she marked where she'd pierce my tongue with a purple pen. She showed me the placement on the top and bottom of my tongue, and explained her reasons for picking the location she did. She assured me it was far from any veins, and that it wouldn't interfere with the bottom webbing as is a common fear of people getting tongue piercings.

She then dried my tongue with some cotton gauze (which felt really strange and kind of gross) and then she took out the clamp. This part freaked me out simply because everyone I'd spoken to told me that the clamp was the worst part. She put the clamp on and it honestly felt like nothing! It wasn't at all painful- just mildly uncomfortable. It felt like I was biting my tongue a little bit.

She took the needle out from its sterile package and told me to take a few deep breaths. The next few moments are a blur to my memory- I stared shocked and wide-eyed as the pain I expected to feel when the needle pierced my tongue never came. It was over before I knew it, and it didn't hurt one bit. She screwed the balls on and told me to mouthwash with Listerine, which felt really strange with this new addition in my mouth.

She gave me a bottle of Tech3000 mouthwash which I've been rinsing with religiously after anything I eat or drink. I also went out and bought some Ibuprofen to help with the swelling.

The days following the piercing are not always fun, I won't lie to you. Expect to see and feel some things in your mouth that may be uncomfortable. Swelling of the tongue makes it difficult to speak (I still have a lisp and it's been about 4 days), and eating is quite a challenge. I don't recommend eating anything you need to chew for at least a week. From personal experience, biting into your tongue ring is extremely unpleasant when it's trying to heal. Stick to sucking on crushed ice, drinking Slurpees, and sucking on Popsicles. I attempted chewing some harder foods on the side of my mouth, but that can get complicated because it's difficult to discern what's food and what's your tongue piercing. So until you're completely used to the presence of the bar in your tongue, I would stick to the soft stuff.

The piercing itself looks awesome, and isn't very noticeable unless I blatantly stick out my tongue to show people. I try not to play around with it too much so that it can heal quickly and correctly, but it's just too cool feeling this awesome piercing in my mouth! I'm so happy I got this done and I can't wait until it's completely healed. Plus, my girlfriend's already a huge fan of tongue piercings!

I'm going back to Miraculous later this afternoon so they can check out some discoloration on my tongue. It may just be a part of the healing process, but I want to make sure it's not thrush. In addition, I have a little bubble in front of the piercing that looks like blood, but I'm not sure what it is so I'm going to get that checked out as well. I've heard it's a normal part of healing though, and that it will go away on its own.

So, that's my tongue piercing experience! I hope this was helpful. Don't be scared by the horror stories you may hear- I can tell you already that this piercing is completely worth it!! It's the best piercing decision I've ever made. Despite the trivial discomforts, I'm extremely happy with my decision and I'm absolutely in love with this piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Heather
Studio: Miraculous+Creations
Location: Worcester%2C+MA

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