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Finally 18

Growing up, I was allowed two ear piercings, my first and second holes. My mother is very conservative and wouldn't even consider letting me get my cartilidge pierced. So for years I have had the chance to think of what I wanted when I would finally turn 18. After about a year or two of deliberating what my first piercing would be, I decided I wanted a tongue piercing. I thought they were sexy and provocative, yet the whole world didn't have to know you had them. That was it, on my birthday I went to go get my tongue pierced.

I took my boyfriend with me since I knew I would need some more convincing when I got there. And I was right. I walked in, told Chris (the piercer) that I wanted my tongue done, but I would need some more time to "prepare" myself. For thirty minutes I had absolutely made up my mind that I wouldn't get it done, with my boyfriend trying to convince me otherwise. I mean it's your TONGUE, right? Bite down on it. Ouch, right? When Chris asked me if I finally wanted to get it done, I surprised both myself and my boyfriend when I replied, "Let's do it." He ran my ID through the copier and told me everything I needed to know. I rinsed my mouth with Listerine, and was told the longer I rinsed the more numb it would be- So I swished the burning Listerine for about 2 minutes! He was right, my tongue was pretty numb.

The room was clean and Chris was very professional and nice. He asked me if I had any questions. I was very nervous and couldn't stop clenching my fists. He marked my tongue and put the clamp on. Despite what everyone says, the clamp did not hurt at all! He then told me to take a few breaths. I was VERY nervous at this point and I could feel adrenaline being released and my heart rate speed up. He then told me to breathe in. I closed my eyes tight! While I was breathing in, he must have put the needle through, because I did not feel a thing! Nothing! Both my boyfriend and Chris were completely surprised because I didn't flinch or anything! I did feel the barbell being put in, just some pressure. The only thing that was slightly uncomfortable was when he was screwing on the bottom ball. It was done. It costed $45 dollars but I ended up paying $55 because he was so awesome.

When I left it bled a tiny bit for about 3 minutes. I was a bit shaky and giddy, most likely from all the adrenaline and because this was the first time I have ever gotten something pierced besides my ears. I had my boyfriend drive this time, because I was too loopy at the time. It was hard to talk and even drink. I had to learn how to do those things all over again! It was swollen for about 5 days, and although it was uncomfortable it was definitely bearable. Mornings when you wake up is when your tongue is more uncomfortable because when you sleep, more blood goes to your head causing it to swell more. I had a horrible lisp, but you also learn to talk again, so don't worry! Swishing with sea salt definitely alleviates the pain as does ibuprofen. Eating was a hassle, but as long as you keep your tongue level with your bottom teeth, you're fine and eating is a breeze. My tongue looks great and I love it! I have had it for almost 2 weeks, and I am completely used to it. Talking and eating are as easy as they once were, and I find that when I do take my tongue ring out, it feels weird without it! I can't wait to use my newfound freedom to my advantage and get more piercings and a tattoo! Next up, I'm thinking about getting either one or both of my nipples done. I like discreet piercings, and I think tongue and nipples are the sexiest ones you can get!

If you're thinking about getting your tongue pierced, go for it! It truely does not hurt and the healing process is smooth sailing. Pain? No, more like minimal discomfort. Make sure you have at least a full bottle of Ibuprofen so you can take it when it hurts and to cut down on the swelling. I would suggest taking three ibuprofen BEFORE you get pierced. The day after I got my tongue pierced there, I took my friend... she was nervous too but after it was done, she also agreed that there is absolutely nothing to get yourself all hyped up about! Sea salt can be bought at your grocery store. And if you don't like it, just take it out, it closes up very fast, usually in about a day!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Chris+Enno
Studio: The+Mystical+Emporium
Location: Auburn%2C+Maine

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