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A Wonderful Tongue Piercing and Healing Experience

First off, I would like to say I am not here to encourage underage piercing! I was lucky and had a good experience with it, that does not mean the same will be true for everyone!

It all started when I was sixteen and my friend invited me to go to Paris with her and her family. It didn't take much for my parents to approve and, before I knew it, I was packing my bags! I don't know when I decided I was going to get pierced while I was there, but as soon as I did, I began researching. BME was my main source of info and I spent hours reading experiences. I decided that a tongue piercing was right for me at that time. My first real act of rebellion! I was quite excited.

Fast forward to Paris. We did everything and saw all the sights that a good tourist should in the City of Lights. My friend's parents exhausted a bit more easily than we did, so we ended up touring the city pretty much on our own during the end of the trip. It was when we ended up in a quaint little shopping district after a random exit off the metro that we decided it was time. Knowing we would need our strength, we stopped off at a cafe and each had a croissant and a bottle of orange juice. There were three piercing and tattoo studios within walking distance of each other. One was extremely busy, and while that boded very well for quality, we crossed it off the list because of time constraints. We headed over to the first one. It was deserted. I chatted with the guy at the counter for a few minutes. He answered all my questions and was very nice but neither my friend nor I felt quite right about the place so we decided to check out our other option first before making a decision.

The other studio had a few people in it. They had an extensive body jewelry counter and I was told by the woman running it that they had a special going where you bought the piercing and got the initial jewelry plus one piece for later on for free. The studio was very clean and comfortable and was run by all women which made us a little more comfortable. We decided it was the place for us. My friend decided to go first. She wanted her nose pierced (not particularly subtle, but we doubted her parents would have any issues with it). She paid 48 euros, 40 for the piercing, 8 for the aftercare kit. She received an aftercare paper with very detailed instructions in both French and English. I was still picking out jewelry so she decided to go it alone and the piercer took her to an unoccupied room. She returned with a well-placed and very cute nose ring. By this time, I had picked out my jewelry, paid my 78 euros (70 for the piercing, 8 for aftercare kit), received my own copy of the aftercare sheet which had been outlined to me, and had developed quite a case of butterflies! I was in need of some moral support so my friend accompanied me as I followed the piercer into another unoccupied room.

I watched carefully as my piercer unwrapped all her equipment. She reclined me slightly in the chair and asked that I stick out my tongue. She prepped my tongue and asked me to stick it out just a bit more. She felt and prodded it for about two minutes (though it seemed like much longer) then finally clamped it and asked if I was ready. I nodded and my friend gave me a thumbs up from across the room. I crossed my eyes and watched a needle pop up through my tongue. It's quite the sight! The pain was much less than I expected. It was sharp for a second, then burned for moment as I felt the needle sliding through my tongue. I winced but it wasn't so bad that it brought tears to my eyes. Before I knew what was going on, the jewelry was screwed in place, and I was bouncing out of the chair and out of the shop (after thanking my piercer for a job well done). My friend and I continued out shopping pretty painlessly. Her nose was a bit red and my tongue was slightly swollen but I could still talk relatively clearly. I did end up eating nothing but ice cream for the next 2 days (not that I'm complaining), but was back to normal by the end of the trip. The only problem I had during the healing process was the swelling the first night which I alleviated with a couple of ibuprofen the morning afterwards.

My aftercare kit included an oral piercing mouthwash (a French brand). The aftercare sheet said to use this twice a day and brush my teeth after every time I ate. I followed this strictly. The mouthwash was bright pink which amused me a lot. It was minted with a similar aftertaste that one has after vomiting. It worked well though, and helped with the swelling a bit too.

A week later I was home and a little worried about what I had done. Just to make sure everything was okay, I made an appointment at a local piercing studio. I went in and explained to the guy there what had happened. He took me out back, sat me down, slapped on some gloves, and asked to see my 6 day old tongue piercing. He examined, wiggled, twirled, and finally tightened it. He told me it was a very well executed piercing and had healed remarkably well. He didn't believe that it was only six days old. He told me that, based on the look of it, he would have said it had been in for at least a month! I left the studio very relieved.

My advice to anyone looking to get their tongue pierced is to just do it! Then follow the aftercare instructions exactly. The pain is very easy to handle and it's a good excuse to eat ice cream for a few days.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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