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2nd Centre Tongue

I got my first centre tongue piercing in August of 2007, and have wanted another piercing on my tongue ever since. I have quite a long tongue, so when I went in to get my tragus pierced, I asked if it would be able to be pierced again, and she said that it should be no problem. Due to work, I decided to wait until I had a long weekend (ended up doing it on a Friday and having to work through the weekend anyway).

I walked into my usual piercing place (have had every piercing except three done there, and had the other three done at the same shop just in another part of the city), and my piercer instantly remembered what I wanted, and asked if I wanted it done in blue (almost all of my piercings I have done with blue jewelry), and I opted for purple instead, and bought a longer barbell (green) for my first piercing in case of swelling.

I filled out the regular paperwork and paid while she set up, and soon after she called me back.

I don't generally get nervous or anxious when I get piercings (have 14 now) so I was very relaxed, I knew it wouldn't hurt too terribly (however, read plenty of stories about how going further back on your tongue swells/hurts more) and I sat down on the table. She explained the aftercare, and laughed saying I probably knew all of it already, but it's her job! (rinse with sea salt and warm water after everything I eat/drink for about 3 weeks...which I do!)

She asked me to stick out my tongue, which I did, and she said she could pierce either behind or in front of my current piercing. I told her to do whatever she was more comfortable with, because eventually I will probably return for a third!

She decided to pierce behind, and marked my tongue, asked me to see if the placement was ok, and I trust her well enough to know she wouldn't mess up, so I said no need and she smiled and took out the current piercing, for better access!

She had me rinse my mouth with some green liquid (numbs your mouth if you rinse long enough!), then I sat back down and she told me to stick a piece of towel in my shirt and hold it up, to catch any drool. She asked me to stick my tongue out again, she looked to make sure the placing was fine again, and proceeded to clamp my tongue. This is by far the most uncomfortable part of the piercing.

I then close my eyes, not because I don't like the sight of needles, but because I prefer not to know when she will pierce me, she asked me to take deep breathes, and on the first breath she stuck the needle through, she said I was doing great, and then slid the jewelry through.

I could only feel the needle go through the top of my tongue, same as last time. And it does not hurt, however, I can handle pain quite well (my cousin got pierced and said she almost cried it hurt so bad).

She proceeded to stick in my other barbell and told me to look in the mirror! After wiping up the drool from my chin and making quite the slurping noise, I turned around and faced the mirror, stuck out my tongue (a lot more complicated with two piercings than it is with one) and the first thing I noticed was that the colours worked great together and it looked perfect, as usual.

The minute I walk outside I start to feel the swelling/pain. Nothing nearly as bad as the first time I got pierced! I went home, and sucked on ice for about 30 minutes, took some advil, and it felt fine.

The next day my tongue was swollen in the morning, again, ice and advil and I was fine (first piercing I sucked on ice/ate nothing but pudding and ice cream for about 4 days!) and had some lunch before work. Advil again before supper - had a burger (ate with a fork and knife) and still could talk fine (although not swollen as much and the first piercing with the long barbell makes it harder to get out my "th" words!).

Day three, not any pain (did take advil because I'd be talking and anticipated pain), works like a charm! Am going to downsize my first piercing so I can talk better, can't wait to show it off!

I would recommend a tongue piercing to ANYONE, and do! Not the most painless with aftercare/swelling, but is one of the most painless piercings you can get, and a lot of fun too! Can't wait for my third, perhaps in another 6 months!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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