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At 14 I was just starting to get into mods. For months I'd look at BME.com and always I'd click on the tongue album. Back then (4 years ago) there wasn't as many photos in the Tongue section as there are now.

My best friend Leah was the same as me.

We'd sometimes draw out pictures of what we wanted to look like when we were older and the main thing we had in common was that we both wanted our tongues pierced.

We got to talking and were both like "how easy would it be to hide it?"

We did some at home experiments, placing small objects in our mouths...(Screw on Balls from spare jewelery) to see how long it would take our parents to notice.

After my mum had NO idea, and her parents were much the same, we decided to go ahead with it.

There was a slight problem, in that at 14 we had no I.D to prove we were old enough to be pierced. (In the U.K it's 16 to be pierced, or 14 with parental consent), and the piercers in Perth already knew us from coming in to watch. The closest city to us was Edinburgh.

On the 31st of December we ventured on the train, two scared teens. We decided that if one of us couldn't have our tongue pierced we'd get matching tongue web piercings instead. We eventually found a guy who didn't ask for proof of age, in a shop which has subsequently been shut down (I wonder why?!)

He sat us both down in the tiny back room he had to his studio.

I went first.

I gargled and swished blue Listerine mouthwash for 30 seconds and spat it back into the cup. Next he marked on where the piercing would go.

We both went for central piercings.

He clamped my tongue, opened the sterile packet containing the needle, I inhaled and exhaled through my nose and he pushed the needle through. Then he exchanged the needle for the long jewellery and i was finished. It felt similar to biting your tongue by accident, that initial shock was horrible, but the moment you can look at yourself in the mirror with your new adornment, it's amazing.

Leah, was another story...first he marked her tongue and it was over a vein. Second attempt was the same. When he eventually marked a safe place to pierce he mirrored the same procedure as he carried out for me. He had to pierce in a diagonal line so as not to hit a vein and so it would look central on the top of her tongue.

We left the studio and tried to find something easy to eat for lunch.We stopped on Cockburn Street, at the Backed Potato Shop...where apparently I passed out, outside. I don't remember much about it, but Leah fuelled a Mars Bar into my mouth as quick as I could chew it, followed by some Irn Bru and my sugar levels soared.

The next few days were really hard, trying to hide my new piercing from my mum, trying to eat, and the swelling in the morning was agony.

Every day I'd be careful when brushing my teeth,and always rinse my mouth with Listerine after brushing. I stopped eating chewing gum because I always manage to bite my tongue when I'm chewing it. Listerine after my meals...and I always carried some with me to school in a small bottle. I looked after my new piercing and I had no problems with it at all.

My mum did notice something was up though, she complained that I wasn't opening my mouth properly when I spoke and that I wasn't eating as much as I used to.

Within a week it was pretty much healed. I went back to the studio with Leah, where Steve exchanged the bar for a shorter one...A lot more comfortable!

During the day, at school, I'd show off my new piercing. It was great too because Leah was at a different school from me so we could both show it off and not have competition. As soon as i stepped off the bus after school, I'd take out my tongue bar so my mum wouldn't suspect. On days that I was with her all day I'd just nip off to the 'toilet' every so often and put the bar through to keep it open. That worked pretty well for 4 years.

When i turned 18, I told my mum that I'd just had it done. She wasn't so happy, but it got a better reaction than the tattoo I'd been hiding for a year already!

Kids, don't follow my example, and get pierced younger than you're supposed to. Theres a reason it's illegal...I'm not so sure what it is but I know there is one!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Steve.
Studio: FLIP
Location: Edinburgh%2C+Scotland

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