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Over before you know it

So I had been thinking about getting another piercing for a while, but I couldn't decide on what exactly I wanted. I finally narrowed it down to nipples, nose, or tongue. Although most of my friends told me I should get my nose pierced, I knew it wasn't what I really wanted because it's such a common piercing. The nipples got shot down by my friend who was going with me to get my new piercing. So I then decided I was going to get my tongue pierced. I wanted something that was going to be relatively hidable and easy to heal, and I always kind of wanted a tongue piercing.

When I got to my friend's place, we decided to go to the piercing shop to check it out the day before I was planning on getting it done. When we got there though, I took about half an hour to talk to people about getting my tongue pierced and decided that I should just get it done then. I paid my $30 and filled out all of the required paperwork.

Thinking back, I realize I probably should have done a little more research before making such a quick decision to get it done at Freakys. Although the place seemed pretty clean, I didn't feel anywhere near as comfortable as I usually do when I go in to get piercings. Never get a piercing if you don't feel one hundred percent comfortable with the shop and the piercer!

After a few more minutes of standing around getting myself psyched up, I finally entered the piercing "room" which was only separated from the store by a half wall. This kind of gave me a strange feeling because I've always gotten my piercings at places I knew were impeccably clean and have completely separate piercing rooms.

Kris told me to stick my tongue out and put it as far down on my chin as I possibly could. She marked my tongue and made sure I was okay with the placement. She then told me to lay down (which I thought was weird because in all my research the people were sitting up while they got pierced). I took a few deep breaths and stuck my tongue out so she could place the clamps. The clamps were honestly the worst part of the whole experience, and even that was only uncomfortable, not painful.

She told me to take a deep breath in, so I did and dug my fingernail into my finger to take my mind off of the pain that I figured was about to occur. I breathed out slowly when she told me to, and barely felt a thing before I realized she was screwing the ball onto the barbell. I honestly barely felt a thing as the needle went through my tongue. After she finished she informed me that she had pierced it a little bit in front of the original mark she had made because my tongue got really fat behind that.

Afterward I gargled with the mouthwash, I had some difficultly spitting it out because that's an awkward motion right after you get your tongue pierced. My tongue web was the only part of my tongue that was sore, but I thought that was just normal. I could eat whatever I wanted afterward, it just took me a while to eat it because I had to concentrate really hard on chewing.

I followed the aftercare instructions Kris gave me and ended up getting Thrush from using too much mouthwash, so the piercer here told me to cut way back on the mouthwash (I ended up stopping using it at all and that helped a lot). I also ended up having to go into a different piercing shop to get a longer barbell because my tongue had swollen so much that the top ball was starting to imbed itself in my tongue. Apparently they didn't pierce it with a long enough barbell and she pierced right through my tongue web instead of to the side of it, so that made it swell much more than normal. It was really nasty for a few days, but got better really fast once the longer barbell was in.

I was initially thinking about taking it out once it healed because I don't think it was done very well, but now that it's better I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Plus my boyfriend LOVES it. If you're thinking about getting a tongue piercing, don't worry about the pain at all because it's not bad (just be aware your tongue will probably swell quite a bit). My best advice I can give though is going to a reputable piercer and don't be afraid to leave if you don't feel comfortable in a piercing shop!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Kris
Studio: Freakys
Location: Colorado+Springs%2C+CO

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