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My Venoms

I've personally always been a spontaneous person when it came to piercings. About a year and half ago after I turned 18, I thought it was about time to get the perfect piercing(s) for myself. After a few weeks of pondering I came to a decision: Venoms. I had met someone a few months before then with venoms and I loved them. He was the only other person I had met or even seen with them. When I told my friends they thought I was crazy, but I didn't care. I wanted to get it done a few weeks before school started, so on one summer day, I gathered up my money and courage and made my way downtown to the shop.

I walked in and started filling out my information. After 15 minutes the procedure was about to begin. I had gone in alone because my best friend was working and started to wish she was there too. For me no matter how painful a piercing does or doesn't look there's always a nervous feeling inside. My heart was racing and my hands got clammy. I was actually scared. Even thought I had gotten two nape piercing a month prior I was truly a wreck. I thought the pain wouldn't be as bad my nape, but I was wrong. Jonah (my piercer) talked to me to try to relax me a bit, clamped my tongue, told me to take a deep breath. I can't even describe the pain. It was extremely unbearable. I almost cried after the first needle. Soon the second needle went through. I was so focused on the first one that the second was unnoticeable. I walked out feeling relieved that the pain was over. Little did I know , the pain was just beginning.

That night my tongue was so swollen I couldn't sleep. It was at least two times it normal size and it hurt so bad. I cleaned my piercing the right about of times, and wiped away the white puss forming. My friends couldn't believe I went through with it, and neither could I.

That weekend I had already had plans to go camping. I was kind of mad at myself for not getting it done right after the weekend. I could barely eat there. I could barely handle the small containers of cream cheese that I forced myself to eat. I couldn't eat anything solid at all. I actually cringed at the sight of food that would require me to chew. I seriously thought of taking them out.

During the next few weeks the pain subsided. It was still really hard to get use to chewing food or even talking with two metal bars in my mouth. Sometimes food would get stuck to them or things would somehow pull at them and it would hurt, but I got use to it. I was so happy when it came time to finally switch to shorter bars. Some people who saw my tongue loved it, others thought it was really weird. I got use to the comments, whether good or bad. I liked the attention. I felt unique. A few months after I didn't regret my decision of getting it done at all. I loved them. I knew the money and pain was worth it.

After about six or seven months I got bored with them. I thought about getting another piercing in the middle, but eventually just stretched them both to 10g. When I stretched them, the bar on the left slipped right in. The right on took awhile, and hurt a little bit afterward. That pain also went away after a few days. It got to the point when I took out my piercing my mouth felt strange and I didn't like it. I took really good care of my tongue for the year and a half I had it pierced. I was so scared of it getting infected.

In August I enter a private college full of snobs. People who saw my piercings seemed either appalled or scared at the sight of me. I liked how I was different from the rest of them. In November thought I felt it was time to retire my tongue and horizontal lip piercing. I felt as if my mouth was too cluttered and I needed change. When I first took them out I was just happy to eat without metal in my mouth. It's been three months without them. I sometimes miss them, but after the pain I went through in the beginning I would never get them re-done. The holes have closed up, but I still have two indents as reminders of what I once had. Some of my friends didn't like how I took them out, but they really needed to go. As painful as they were to get I'm very glad I went through with it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Jonah
Studio: Goodtimes
Location: manchester%2C+nh

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