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I got my first piercing at 14. I originally went in to have my tongue pierced, but my mom told me no at last minute so I got my eyebrow instead. I'm now 15 and my New Year's resolution was to get my tongue pierced. After fighting with my mom about it for weeks she finally said yes.

So we went back to XTC Rings to visit Abbey. He relocated and his new shop is so much better than the last one. He remembered me and asked me if I was fially getting my tongue pierced and I told him of course. So we went to a rom in the back witch became ver crowded. I had two friends with me and my mom. I was so nervous. Nobody would come hold my hand so this random chick came and held my hand for me. I was so emberassed. She stuck out her tongue witch Abbey had pierced a month ago and she told it didn't hurt.

Abbey Proceeded to mark my tongue while my mom kept making nauseating comments. Finally I told her to get the fuck out before she made me throw up and Abbey told me to shut up and stick my tongue out. So I shakingly did. The whole process took about 15 seconds and it didn't hurt. The clamp didn't hurt eaither witch surprised me because when he clamped my eyebrow it hurt like hell. My eyebrow hurt more than my tongue. I was so proud of myself. I it stuck out and Abbey told me to put back in my mouth. I paid my $50 and went outside.

I immediately got light headed. I sat on the curb and took a sip of water and spit. It felt so weird trying to spit! lol We sat outside and the girl that held my asked if I was okay and I said I need a cigarette and she laughed. I smoked a cigarette and I was fine. Abbey told me I could smoke and I even smoke menthol. It felt really weird though. Trying to suck on things was a bitch at first but now I have a full functioning tongue! Eating was hell at first but after three days of yogurt, smoothies, and soup I was eating and speaking normally. Eating really cold food was difficult at first because my tongue ring got really cold and it felt weird but it's fine now. By the fourth day the swelling was completely gone and so was the pain. I changed it exactly a week later. I've found that I much prefer the longer barbell to the shorter ones so I just change the balls. Making out with it was fun lol! It's by far my favorite piercing. I even convinved a few friend to go get their pierced and they had similar experiences to mine. My friend, Stephen, had his pierced twice and he loves having two! Double the pleasure!

I love sticking it out at elderly people. Their reactions are priceless. I've actually met a couple really cool people from my experience. And it's even easier to get into clubs lol. I've picked up a lot of people with it and I love going out with all my friend who have their pierced. Together maybe 30 of us have our tongues and many other body parts pierced!

It's been less than a month and I love it! It feels so natural now. When I took it out once when I was changing it and left it for a few minutes. Talk about weird! It feels so strange to have it out. I couldn't imagine not having it. About a week after the indention from the top ball dissapeared so now it's completely normal.

No infection and no complications. The worst part was probably the 2-3 hours after I got it pierced. It was really sore but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Most of my friends have their tongues pierced and told be it wouldn't be bad. Overall it's a fairly simple and quick procedure. A lot of what people say about tongue piercings turned out to be false. While I'll admit that there are risks and some people do have bad experiences it's relativly safe. If anyone's thinking about getting it done DO IT! It's painless for the most part. The only thing I felt was a small amount of pressure from the needle. If you do get it pierced try to remember not to play with it too much and don't click it on your teeth at first it just makes the swelling worse! I love mine! I have plans to do my nose, labret, and hips! Possibly a tattoo in May! I definately reccomend that you get it pierced if you're considering it! It's awesome!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Abbey
Studio: XTC
Location: Kenner+Louisiana

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