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Tongue Rod

Okay, so I'd been thinking about doing this for a while, and finally had both the money and the courage at the same time. My friends were all sort of worried and my mom told me it was a really bad idea.

I didn't care though, my mind was made up. I went to Iron Age Studios (where my sister got her lapel done) and talked to a few people there about what it would be like, and what gauge I should get. I finally settles on an 18 gauge to start out. They told me I could stretch it bigger if I wanted to, later.

On the day of my appointment, my friend Kim came along. She said she wanted to watch. That made me even more nervous, since this was my first (and so far only.... so far) piercing. She asked my piercer, Todd M. if that was alright, and he said it'd be fine as long as it was o.k. with me. Anyway, she wound up sitting on one of those stools the whole time, just beyond where I could see.

The first thing he did was clean the area (right in the center of my tongue, about 3/4" back from the tip. Then he had this clamp thing that he said was necessary because otherwise I might pull my tongue back into my mouth. So from that point I pretty much couldn't say anything and he told me to put my hands on the bars and squeeze and don't let go.

He marked the spot off and then clamped my tongue with a scissor clamp with different jaws on it. The actual piercing part wasn't too bad at all. The thing that sucked the most was the clamp on my tongue, actually!

He opened the needle he was going to use right in front of me (which I thought was very professional of him and all). Then he heated it, and mounted it into his piercing tool. He told me that this was going to hurt and there might be a lot of blood, but it was all okay. He told me he was going to count to three, and then stick it through my tongue quickly, and try not to flinch. "One" "Two" Man did he ever get me with that one! He stuck the whole needle through my tongue in one move, and then looked up and smiled at me. He said "Three."

Kim was sitting there with her jaw dropped. That didn't help me at all. In hindsight, I'm sure bringing her along was fun for her and all, but it wouldn't have been so freaky if she weren't starring at me the whole time. Everyone else seemed really used to it, I guess they get that sort of thing all the time.

That and it got really dry just hanging out there. Kim said I hardly bled at all, but I couldn't see it. He just kept dabbing me with these little white pads. He put the first bar in and told me I had to leave it in for at least 2 weeks, and it would hurt at first when I talked and ate, etc. Then he went on into how to clean it, change them etc.

For the first few days, it was really really hard to eat anything at all, and even sipping water through a straw was pretty difficult. I kind of had to chew on one side of my mouth or the other, since any time something hit the bar it stung pretty bad. Also I was trying to keep food off of it, since that would potentially infect my new piercing. That's actually a lot harder than it sounds. For all of you un-pierced tongues out there, just try eating something without being able to use the middle of your tongue; It's a lot harder than you'd think. I used my fingers on big stuff, like tater-tots and grapes, and just pushed it back behind the rod, so it I could chew with my back teeth and then swallow it. That method actually worked out pretty well, and I was able to get past that after a few days. At one week, I was able to eat more normally, and it doesn't sting half as much now: it just feels.... I dunno; strange.

I'm really impress with how weird this feels. I find myself clicking the plastic balls on my teeth all the time now, it's so neat! I'm really glad I had this done, and I'm definitely thinking about doing something else like it. I had no idea it would be this cool 100% satisfied, kudos to Iron Age.

It's healing up really well now, and I have a few different bars I want to try out. I haven't been really able to play with it much sexually yet, because it's still pretty new, but I can't even wait to open that whole new can 'o worms, if you know what I mean. My girlfriend's been thankfully patient about that part, but she's pretty excited as well.

The only thing I would say that is sort of weird is when I drink something really hot, like coffee it sort of burns around the piercing more than other places. I don't know if that's my nerves playing tricks on me or what, but it feels like it's somehow getting down into the hole in my tongue or something. Freaky!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Todd
Studio: Iron+Age
Location: St.+Louis

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