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My first piercing at 25 yrs old

Well just got my first piercing at 25 years of age, I have never even had my ears pierced and went strait for the tongue. It was not that bad the clamp hurt more than the needle. Just wanted to share my experience because I kind of went against the rules.

Before I got pierced the Artist told me not to change my tongue ring for at least six weeks, well I could not wait, exactly one week later I changed it. I use allot of mouth wash all day long and Gly-Oxide as well. To my surprise it is not infected and looks very healthy so I guess good hygiene is essential with this piercing. If you follow the hygiene rules you might be able to change your bar sooner, at least with my experience I was able to. I would not recommend it but, my tongue still looks and feels great.

It took awhile for the swelling and soreness to go away cause I smoke and drink beer. Almost a week it took for the pain to go away but after every beer and every cigarette I rinsed my mouth out with mouth wash, and I still do.

The worst part of the pain for me was eating and coughing. I went straight to Taco Bell right after I got my mod and oh man let me tell you bad idea, tortilla chips where so hard to chew. I got some of there pinto beans and cheese Knowing it was going to be hard to eat and the stingy cheese didn't work so well. I was drooling beans ha ha, my wife laughed her ass off, it was like trying to eat without a bottom lip. The next day I went to the Chinese buffet, good yet bad idea. Egg drop soup was easy to eat but lo main noodles where a joke. Don't spend money for a buffet if you cant physically get your moneys worth, you might be starving but your tongue will not let you fill your stomach with painful to eat foods. Again at least with my experience. Also fried foods are bad as well as crunchy foods. Hot foods where pretty painful too. Soups and soft food where my best friend.

And with the coughing I advise to stick your tongue out of your mouth if you have a coughing spell, if you keep your tongue behind your teeth when you cough you will pull on it hard when it catches on your teeth. Nobody had ever mentioned that coughing would hurt. The Artist that did my tongue told me not to stick my tongue out of my mouth, well if I would have kept my tongue in my mouth like he said it would probably still be real sore.

One of the main things that aggravated my mouth was the metal balls making the roof and bottom of my mouth sore. When I changed it after a week to acrylic balls it felt allot lighter and more comfortable. The Artist told me not to stick my fingers in my mouth but I washed my hands and used hand sanitizer before I stuck my fingers in my mouth. Just having the bar out of my mouth for 20 seconds relieved so much tension. The soft spiky balls feel real good but you get even worse with your speech with one of the spiky balls in your mouth.

As far as talking I am still retraining my self to sound like I don't have a retainer in my mouth. I think it might have fixed my lisp in the long run, I don't want to stick my tongue between my teeth to pronounce S's any more. So this might be good speech therapy for some people. I would say at first the swelling really was the main factor in slurring my speech. I used ice for about two days but that didn't really help that much.

Well as far as oral sex well I messed up in that department too I could not wait to try out my new piercing so you know what I did. Afterward though I brushed my teeth used mouth wash and Gly-Oxide.

Surprisingly I did not get an infection. My Wife keeps her self real clean too so that helped.

Warning: I do not condone or advise doing any of the things that I did against what I was told to do by my Piercing Artist. Every one is different and unique please don't think that you can do what I did, it can be dangerous and possibly kill you if you don't follow the guidelines for this piercing. This is all based on my personal experience do not try this at home.

I wish somebody would have told me about all of the things that I just wrote about. It would have helped me out allot to have more knowledge about how truly painful it can be afterwards.

All in all it was worth it and you get use to it. Now I am thinking of getting more piercings, it might be an addiction.

I enjoy my new toy and hope for others to enjoy theres.

Good Luck if you get this piercing done,



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Lani
Studio: Piercing+by+Lani
Location: Cleveland+Tn%2C+37311

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