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Everything I dreamed of and MORE!!

So, I came on here and read about half a million stories when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to finally get my tongue pierced. I had wanted one in high school, but growing up in a very strict religious home, with an extremely emotional mother, I couldn't do it for fear of her losing it. I had a couple of friends who had their tongues pierced in high school, and I was always jealous. I wanted the cool tongue ring and to try it out on my boyfriends... but now I have a boyfriend that has to wait 4-6 weeks to see if it actually is as good as some people think.

Recently the opportunity arose because my sister offered to pay for me to get a piercing of my choice and I remembered how much I had wanted a tongue piercing. Also, I had finally gotten a new job that I wasn't going to start for a few days and it was the perfect timing because my job is a customer service representative over the phone. I definitely wanted to make sure I had enough time for my swelling to go down before I started my new job.

The night before I went to go get my tongue piercing, I was on here reading stories for a couple hours, even the scary stories. I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to go through with it, but knew that if I did, as soon as I had it for a few days I would get on to tell EVERYONE about my experience. I had found by all the stories posted that if something bad were to happen or if anything were to go wrong it would be extremely rare. The only time I ever even read of someone having adverse affects they had pulled their tongue back in when the piercer had begun to pierce their tongue. I even went to youtube.com and watched videos of other people getting their tongue's pierced. I went in to the tattoo/piercing studio and met up with my sister and her friend, filled out all the appropriate paperwork, and Kaitlyn took us all to a room to do the piercing. Kaitlyn and every one else at the tattoo/piercing parlor were very friendly and personable.

She gave me her little speech and advised for me to take slow deep breaths in my nose and out my mouth and to concentrate on not pulling my tongue back in. She had me rinse with Listerine, dried off my tongue, marked my tongue, applied the clamp (which didn't hurt one bit), had me concentrate on breathing in and out a few times, lined up the needled and pierced my tongue. It was over so quick I don't even remember it hurting, it probably did, but my adrenaline was pumping so much that it didn't really phase me. She put in the jewelry and I was able to put my tongue back in my mouth with my new metal pearl. It felt awesome, like it had been missing and finally had been put back.

I love my new tongue ring. It was swollen for a couple days, but popsicles and ibuprofen made the healing process easy to deal with. The only time it really hurt was first thing in the morning from laying down all night. My tongue is still a little sore, but nothing big and I'm so excited to have it and show it off. I did pretty much go through a whole bottle of ibuprofen and need to get more. After piercing my tongue, Kaitlyn advised me how to go about cleaning the piercing with Listerine diluted, half part water and half part Listerine antiseptic mouth wash. She also told me that my tongue was one of the shortest and definitely the thickest she had ever pierced. With that said I'm fairly sure that the likelihood of someone else having a serious issue when getting their tongue pierced would be fairly slim unless they actually went to someone who was not a professional or some place that was not clean. Kaitlyn had cleaned all surfaces and used all new tools, needle, and jewelry, opened right in front of me.

I have not had any problems, at all, with a lisp. My tongue still is a little stiff, but I was able to talk pretty much just fine except for L's and TH's. I could even roll my R's. I really hope that this story helps anyone who is unsure about getting a tongue piercing make their decision. It's an awesome experience and if you take care of your piercing it will continue to be a wonderful experience.

The same day I got my tongue pierced my sister and her friend both got their left nostrils pierced. My mother has yet to see the piercing, and I'm nervous for her to see it, even though, I am 22, 23 next week, because I hate making her upset. This piercing was totally worth it! I'm now working on some other piercings to get... it is totally an addiction and I love it. If you would like to see the piercing, you can see it at www.myspace.com/midgetgnome.

Carolyn })i({


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on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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