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My Beautiful Tongue Web

Since I turned 16, it's been almost a tradition for me to get a new piercing when my friends and I went on a road trip. I've known that Absolution was the only place I wanted to get "real" piercings (not ears etc.) and tattoos since I got my septum pierced there a few weeks after my 16th birthday. Somehow I just trusted the staff there with sticking needles through me more than anyone else I'd ever encountered. (Plus, Absolution is the name of an album by my favourite band :D)

After my last piercing (frontal helix) I was at a loss as to what to get next. I'd considered my tongue web a long time before then but it had slipped my mind once I got my frontal helix. After I'd decided to finally get it done, all I needed to do was get to Christchurch and into Absolution - this being the mission.

Three friends and I finally planned a visit to Christchurch on the 4th of December - after we'd finished our 7th form exams but before we all got working to save money for university. My chance had come! My parents aren't exactly fans of any of my piercings, but I think they've come to realise that I'm going to do it anyway and not tell them about it. I don't think my dad knows about my septum or my tongue web, and mum's only comment when she noticed the ring in my septum was "You have metal in your nose" (I usually have it flipped up so no one really notices it).

Anyway, on our last day in Christchurch, we were walking past Absolution and I said to my friends "I'm going to go get pierced, you guys wanna come with?". All of them, being a little squeamish, passed on my offer so I crossed the road and into Absolution, where I bumped into Timm (not literally) who asked me how I was etc etc. I asked him how much they charged for tongue web piercings ($60, which is cheap for peace of mind - I'm sure I could have got it cheaper but whether it would have been as professional and easy, I'm not so sure). Timm was free at that moment so he said he could do it right there and then, which suited me fine.

So I filled out the consent sheet and chose my jewellery (14ga CBR, which Timm had recommended) while having a wee perv at the tattoos being done at the time (which looked amazing - I'd definitely recommend Absolution for tattoos as well). I followed Timm around the corner to the piercing part of the shop where he gave me a quick run down on the piercing and what I needed to do (hold my tongue as hard to the roof of my mouth as I could - this proved to be the hardest part of the entire process!). So I lay down on the chair and opened my mouth, which was fairly reminiscent of the dentist. Tongue to the roof of my mouth and Timm told me to inhale and exhale deeply, which I did. And, like every piercing, before I realised it stung like hell it was over! Timm put the CBR in and the ball, which took a wee bit of working in. My eyes were watering a bit by then but I could hardly feel it after the ball was in and I closed my mouth.

Timm gave me the rundown on aftercare and I babbled a bit to him about my septum (adrenaline rush, what can I say? I get like that after piercings!). I may have asked him why he took his tunnels out of his ears (they must have been close to 2") but I really can't remember a thing! I put the aftercare pack in my bag, paid, said my thanks and left the store positively beaming.

I've had my tongue web coming up 2 months now and I love it! The only thing wrong with it is that a bit of plaque builds up around the ball - Timm said this would happen and to get it off with a toothbrush, but I find a toothpick to work a lot better.

I'd definitely definitely recommend this piercing to anyone, especially if you're feeling the "itch" and you need something that can be hidden easily (I'm a waitress at the moment so I need to be as unoffensive as possible). Lastly I wouldn't go past Timm and Absolution for piercings - all of the piercings I've had there have been so far infection free and done perfectly!

As for my next foray into the world of piercing, well, I'm moving to Christchurch in two months so I'm going to be frequenting Absolution fairly often. I'm looking at getting a conch piercing and also stretching my ears a wee bit in the near future, and after that, well, who knows?!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Timm
Studio: Absolution
Location: Christchurch%2C+New+Zealand

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