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Tongue Piercing; loving it!

Several days ago, I decided to get my tongue pierced (central). The thought had briefly crossed my mind previously, but I had always been too scared for two reasons: my father would completely flip, and the pain (I have a very small pain threshold).

Recently my father went to Oman for a work trip, so I seized the opportunity to have a few piercings. I got my labret done for the second time, and now I decided to face my fear and live the dream of having my tongue pierced.

After school, I hopped onto YouTube and watched a few videos of the piercing process, and did a bit of research. I then I asked my mother if I could have it pierced. She reluctantly agreed, and drove me up to the piercing place. She was a bit worried about it, and kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to do this (which is what most mothers would do). I was terribly nervous, but I told myself repetitively that it wouldn't hurt at all.

The piercer called me in as she was preparing the equipment. I sat on the bench/bed, and she asked me to poke my tongue out, then requested I raised my tongue, to make sure my tongue was appropriate for the piercing. She marked where the piercing was going to be. I looked in the mirror and nodded in approval.

I was then told to lie down, so I did. She told me to not put my tongue back into my mouth until she said so. I nodded again. I closed my eyes and she put the clamp on, which caused me to curse (mainly because I wasn't expecting her to put the clamp on at that moment). I had butterflies, so I took a few deep breaths. The piercer asked me if I was ready, and I let out a slight squeak, which she interpreted as "yes, go for it!"

Oh boy, it hurt like a b****. I couldn't bite my tongue or curse, so I just squeezed my eyes real tight. She praised me with, "It's almost over; you're doing real good." Meanwhile, I was in an immense amount of pain. I felt her put the tongue barbell in, which didn't hurt, but did feel a bit strange. She told me to put my tongue back in my mouth.

It felt... alien, having this bit of metal in your tongue. The piercer went over the aftercare instructions, and gave me a bottle of Listerine to wash my mouth out with occasionally. I tried to talk, and it felt insane... I felt insane for having it done! I awaited the return of my mum, who would pay for it. In the meantime, I had a look at all the beautiful (yet pricey) jewellery Essential Beauty sold. I took particular interest in the lip rings, considering pink ones, seeing as I'm on holidays now (my school only allows studs, which is quite lenient in this state). Eventually, my mum returned with an icy cold bottle of water. I took a tiny sip, fearing I would swallow the tongue barbell. It took a bit of difficult to swallow, but I got there.

When we got back to the car, I couldn't stop staring at it in the rear view mirror. It looked stunning, and I couldn't wait to show my friends at school (which I didn't get to until today, because it hurt so bad I stayed home).

It didn't swell up until the next morning. I had even more trouble speaking; I had a terrible lisp, and my tongue hurt every time I moved it. It was particularly uncomfortable when I woke up, as my mouth was so dry. I could not eat solids, because I kept on biting on the barbell, which hurt LOADS. So I had a diet of cold soup and iced water (Hot soup would have warmed up the metal, burning my mouth). It throbbed like hell pretty much 24/7, and I was regretting the whole experience, thinking, "Why did I do this crazy thing?"

Slowly things are getting better. I can now eat solids, and I do not have a speech-impediment, besides the fact I can't say my 's' words properly. My tongue also appears white, apparently from over-cleaning. I just need to keep hydrated.

I am scared of French-kissing someone, also seeing as the guy I have chances with has braces. I also have heard quite horrid stories about people getting their forks caught on the barbell. I am yet to attempt to eat food with anything other than my hands/out of a mug, but I will be sure not to shove the fork too deep into my mouth. It will get a lot easier when I get the shorter barbell, no doubt.

The question lurking in everyone's mind is, "Was it worth it?"

It most certainly was! If you're considering getting it done, first make sure you have the will-power and patience to go up to a week without eating solids and talking properly.

My tongue piercing looks stunning, and I am going back in a week and a bit to get a shorter barbell. I have these cute smiley-face balls! I'm also considering getting rainbow ones, too. I'm loving my tongue piercing, but I'm hoping my dad isn't too distraught about it when he gets back!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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