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Newest in a line of self-piercings

All right, two days ago I pierced my tongue web. It is definitely, my favorite piercing of mine, right next to my two cartilage piercings. I have a love of piercings, but I'm sure this will be my last, unless I trim down and get my navel pierced.

Recently I have been looking though the depths of the internet for a piercing to aspire to when I was 18 and out of the grasp of evangelicals. (I go to an extremely catholic school, which is strange for me considering my 9 years of public education) I have always been fond of tongue piercings and once I saw a tongue web piercing on this outrageous looking girl with a neat blond haircut, I was sold. (I think I saw it here on BME,)

I've done piercings before to myself. I got my first holes done professionally at the age of 13, although I don't think Claire's at the mall is very professional. I did two cartilage piercings myself during the summer of my freshman year, and they are beautiful together. I have never received as many compliments about any other aspect of myself then those two piercings. I gauged my ears, they are currently at the size 2 and are most likely going to stay that way. I had second holes for sometime, but they looked silly with the gauges and the structure of my ear didn't help much either. I gave myself snakebites for a night, which is probably one of the more foolish things I've done but I'm a teenager. (If that's an excuse)

I did some research and found out that it could be done by oneself, and was nearly invisible unless is shown to someone. So I went to the mall with a friend from school and bought two barbells at Hot Topic. She was new too, and she is a good enough friend to keep a secret. So I went home sterilized a safety pin and a 16 gauge green barbell I had bought and got prepared to pierce myself. I wasn't nervous, I rarely am, and I got my little mirror that magnifies x5 I think. I took out the safety pin from it's soak in peroxide and inspected the area and pierced. It ended up crooked so I took it out and retried. It was far less painful than I had thought. I had read it would be painless and I guess it is. So I let the safety pin sit for a while and my friend sat reading some manga on my bed while I went around my room for a few minutes. Then I took the barbell out of its separate peroxide wash and aligned it with the safety pin edge so that when the pin slid out the barbell would be right there to replace it. It went in smoothly and painless. I made the mistake of putting the side I had to screw the ball on, on my left. I'm right handed and I think it was the mirror that messed me up.

I spent a good 45 minutes trying to get the ball on the other end. Long story short, I got some tweezers, held the piercing on the side where I had to screw it on, and finally got the end on.

I was ecstatic, and my friend was excited too. So I washed it out with a Listerine wash. (One part water one part Listerine) I used Listerine because it was the only mouthwash around my house with high alcohol content. I wash after every meal, and it seems to be healing okay.

Today (day after piercing) I switched the green to an identical blue barbell and the screwing on was much easier compared to my first attempt. It doesn't hurt, it is quite sore though, probably from wiggling it around too much. I can eat normally and speak normally. It is my favorite piercing by far. I wouldn't be able to have done it without my high pain tolerance though. I didn't mention using ice, because I didn't. I did use many tissues though, I still can't believe how much drool came out of my mouth.

On a side note, my friend and I placed bets on which classmate of ours would discover the piercing first, I'm pretty sure I'll win. I am the one who gets to flaunt my new masterpiece.

For anyone who is contemplating about doing this piercing themselves, I would tell them not to. I know I sound like a hypocrite, but if you have the means and money, its worth getting it done professionally. If you are in my situation though, or something of the like, I say go for it. You should just make sure that you are well educated, and take good care of all your piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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