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my tongue piercing

I had been wanting my tongue pierced for a long time but never did it because of my job and plus I had always been to scared because of needles all the complications that can go wrong with it. I hope this story/experience helps you in some sort of way.

So decided to start researching about what they do ,how long it takes to heal,and how long it takes until your talking normal again. All the things I had read sounded really horrible like not being able talk or eat at all for a few days and on top of that people were saying that it starts to sting really bad the next day ! and that there is a high risk of infection! but after a while I found out that your mouth is full of "good" germs that kill off the bad germs that cause infection so risk of infection was pretty minimal.

So after a while I finally decided to go and get it done. As I pulled up to the tattoo studio and was already really really nervous and expecting a great amount of pain. I walked in the shop and told the piecer what I wanted and he asked for my ID, at the same time he was going over the procedure with me.As I finally make to the room I see the piercer sanitizing his work station and opening up a NEW needle and getting ready for me. I hopped up on the table and he told me to stick out my tongue, he made a little dot on the center of my tongue with a pen for guidance and then he put the forceps on (the clamps) and told me to take a big deap breath in through my nose and out through my mouth. Although i was really surprised on how much it DIDNT hurt before I could even exhale the needle was pushed through my tongue and I bearly felt a thing! He asked me if I was light headed dizzy or nautious and I hopped off the table gave him fifty dollars (it was only fourty dollars but i gave him a ten dollar tip).Although it was sore and swollen for a couple days it nothing compared to what everyone else was saying. And I was able to talk but a lisp for a few days. And although it was a litlle hard to eat you jus have to make sure you eat slow. All the rumors about having to eat jello or soup for a week are wrong. I was actually eating steak the night after I had got it pierced.

Immidatly after he pushed the needle through he put the jewlry in by following the needle. He told if I wanted to I could come back in three weeks and he could put a smaller bar bell in for me (most places will do it for free just give them a tip for doing you a favor.) as I was walking out of the shop I felt kind of light headed/ dizzy. And I felt super tired but I found out later that this is normal for some/most people all it is your body gets put in a kind of shock which releases your endorphins (a natural pain killer your body has kind of like adrenalyn)alot of poeple might also get this after a tattoo.

The piecer said that the average healing time is about 4 weeks. He also talked about trying to stay away from using listerine and using a warm salt water solution instead because it may reduce swelling and healing time and he could have never been anymore right on that. He also told me to brush around the bar bell and on top and below the actual bar bell it self.Brushing my teeth was a bit hard the first few times and it did get a little bit sore but after about the second or third time I was brushing like normal again.he also mentioned to be careful about playing with it cause you can chip your teeth on it, i know know that for a fact haha. And try not to play with it for atleast a week because as you play with you may not notice it but your slowly streching out/opening the wound back up which would mean a longer healing process. My tongue was completly healed in about two and a half weeks and I was talking and eating normal again it was like I had never gotten it pierced.

I hope my story/expierience has helped you with whether or not you want to get it done or not. Anybody who is thinking about getting this done you should just go for it! because its only sore for a FEW days and after that your set for as long as you keep it in!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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