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You Won’t Find That At A Yard Sale…

Well my parents and I were bored sitting at home one afternoon and they told me we were going to shop at yard sales "yee haw" is what I was thinking. After we were on our way to town my dad told me I had to get something at the first place they stopped, I was like "yea sure okay where's a car at for sale?" he laughed and told me to think smaller, so puzzled I sat in the backseat thinking of something, and then dad stuck his tongue out at me which was pierced, from a dare a few months back thanks to me, and I said "a piercing?" Yep that's what we were on our way to do. I couldn't believe it, because not too long ago my mom and I had gotten in to an argument about my piercings and tattoos and how she doesn't like them and I shouldn't permanently scar my body like that. So I'm not quite sure why she tells me not to do it but then will pay for me to get my work done when I don't have the funds available. Not that I'm complaining.

We got to the shop, Irish's Tattoo, and talk with Shane for a moment before he got the paperwork together and copied mine and my dad's licenses. Shane asked who was going first and out of nowhere I decided I was going to get my tongue pierced before dad got his lip pierced. Which is similar to the way dad and I got our piercings done last time except I got my lip done, which is retired now, and my dad got his tongue done. So Shane asked us who was going first and out of no where I volunteered to go first, knowing I was pretty anxious and I felt the butterflies in the pit of my stomach. So I hop in the all too familiar dentist style chair and put my head back. I do the mouthwash rinse, which was orange I believe. Shane tells me to stick my tongue out and he marked it. He got the clamps ready and stuck them on my tongue; I couldn't stick my tongue out far enough so I had him pull off the clamps so I could pull my dentures out. Yes a 19 year old with a full set of dentures getting her tongue pierced. So I stuck my tongue out again and it came out far enough for Shane to even make a comment, I can't remember what the comment was at this time because I wasn't paying too much attention to what was being said as to what was going on in my mouth. So with my dad holding the clamps for me, which I wanted my dad to hold them, I rested my head back and closed my eyes and felt the needle press up against the bottom of my tongue and Shane said "Do you want me to just do it or tell you when" and as he said that he pushed the needle through. That was when I opened my eyes to see the top of the needle over my nose. So the barbell was pushed in and I rinsed again. I proceeded to jump out of the chair just to see how it looked. After a few moments of not having my teeth in I decided to put my plates back in and tried talking and I could do it just fine. As I was checking myself out my dad got all prepped for his lip piercing, I was the one to hold the clamps for him too. Dad got finished with his piercing and we left the shop pretty happy and then proceeded to stop at the ice cream parlor around the corner from the shop where I ordered a pink lemonade slushie that was so sour that they made me a cherry one to replace it for free. Which I thought was pretty cool. After we got our slushies we actually did end up going to look at some yard sales which I thought was kind of funny.

And it's been about 30 hours or so and it's swelled up as expected but not too bad. And it's pretty sore, but I'm still able to talk fairly well and I'm able to eat anything I want to it just takes a little longer to chew. Even though I felt this piercing the most I think it just might become my favorite one. And even though dad said his tongue didn't hurt nearly as much as his lip I think he's full of it, because I know for sure that I felt my tongue get pierced a lot more than my lip. But his lip seems to be doing just fine today too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Shane
Studio: Irish%27s+Tattoo
Location: Beaverton+MI

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