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The Bigger the Better II

The History From as far back as I can remember I was fascinated with tongue piercings. I thought it was hot. But I was more into having something in your mouth to play around with. Well when I was 16. But I waited like a good little girl till I was 18 because my parents said they'd have it surgically removed if I pierced it before then. *EGASP! Ha, but more out of respect than fear I chose to wait. My tongue actually popped my "body piercing cherry" (If you don't include ears, which I don't). I got it because it just seemed so fun, which it is, and also it seemed like it would be a valuable tool for oral sex. Of course I was 18 and just wanting to do something "crazy" and "outrageous". So I went to Venice Beach, not the best idea, to find someone to pierce my tongue. I was with two of my very good friends. We walked the boardwalk and walked into pretty much the first shop we saw. Seduced by a sign that said "Body Piercing $20" we asked a girl doing hair wraps where to go and walked up a flight of stairs to a clean, really sterile looking shop. The naked walls separated the hair section from the piercing section. A sweet woman stood behind the counter. I told her what I wanted and I think I insisted on paying before. The Procedure The woman when to the other side and got a younger woman and brought her over, a shop full of girls, awesome. I sat in a big leather tattoo chair and she gave me mouth wash to rinse with. The bubbles hurt my tongue and mouth like hell. "Rinse for as long as you can" she said as she was setting up. With my friends looking at me and grinning as my eyes watered. I am going to rinse until she tells me to spit. Ha, I want to be sanitary. So I spit sat up. The younger girl called the older woman over and they analyzed what length barbell to but in my tongue. They agreed on the longer one (good choice). Then she looked over at me and smiled. "Ready?". "Hell yeah!" I said. Then I stuck out my tongue, she clamped my tongue, I clamped my eyes and the needle went through like a hot knife through butter. With Jewelry through and ball on, waters watering like crazy I smiled thanked her and we were on our way. (I didn't realize then that you were supposed to tip your artist (o.0) Not good, always tip your artist). The Healing The next couple of days I discovered that the piercing isn't the uncomfortable part, the healing is. The healing is a b with an itch. When my tongue is irritable I am restless and can't eat. So I am a big grump. Plus it freaking hurts! So I religiously took Aleve (I think, only take what is recommended by your piercer) to relieve swelling and chewed on eyes all day long for four day. I had to pee a lot obviously. I had to learn hour to eat again. I bit the crap outta that long barbell. Ouch. After two weeks I switched to a smaller barbell and I was fine. Be careful with jewelry selection, I had a really cool dice barbell and it cut up the roof of my mouth and it just wasn't worth wearing. Internally threaded barbells were always awesome for me, cause the balls hardly ever fall off. Some barbells have only one ball that twist off I recommend pulling that on the bottom of your tongue so if the ball does fall off you're less likely to swallow it. Plus replacement jewelry is always a great idea, cause I've heard repiercing sucks monkey balls. Stretching The interesting thing about my tongue stretching experience is that I didn't really have to stretch until after I got to an 8g (3.26 mm). So from 14g down onto 8g I just waited for my tongue to get used to the jewelry and slipped the bigger sized in without a problem. At first of course when I put the jewelry in it was tight fitting and then it loosed up after a while and that's when I put the bigger size in. I didn't jump gauges like people do with their ears. Plus it was a rushed process. Over the span of around three years I went from a 14g to an 8g. I just was like, "Oh it's loose again, let me slip a bigger one in". I bought a 6g in hoped that it would follow it's predecessors and just slide right in. Unfortunately I would soon realize that trusty 6g barbell wouldn't go in without a fight.

Tapering:It was during my apprenticeship that I decided to stretch to a 6g so I had access to all the tapers. One day armed with a taper and some spit I decided to stretch up.... OUCH! Tongue stretching with a taper sucks! Pretty much what happened is the same thing that happened when I got my tongue pierced. It got all swollen and irritated. I couldn't sleep right and I was down right miserable. I vowed that I would never stretch my tongue again. Fast forward 9 months, I was getting my Christina done, finally, and I went down to see Wizzer (Who is now at Body Electric) to do it. After the Christina was done, I decided to ask good ol' Wizzer about stretching my tongue. He's said it was no problem. Wizzer tapered it as well but he used a longer taper (It slowly gets thicker) and I am guessing A+D or some kind of lubricant (I didn't use any lubricant before). It was SO sore. And I had to go through the whole healing process again. But it was so worth it I had a brand spanking new shiny 4g barbell in my tongue. And then finally I said, "I am never, ever tapering again." So I found my way in the bme tongue stretching forum.

Teflon Tape is my friend: The people in the Stretching Forum are awesome and very helpful. I told them how I loathed tapers and they told me about Teflon tape which to the best of my knowledge is made from the same material at PTFE. It's a white "tape" that sticks to itself. So I began adding layers to my 4g barbell (Which I changed daily because they get this kinda funky brown discoloration, most likely cause I am a smoker). Unfortunately I was a dumbass and I didn't make sure I used a long enough barbell and I put too many layers too quickly and irritated my tongue. So it swelled up a little bit but had no where to go. I was 300 or so miles from home and my 2g 5/8 length barbell so it was not a very good situation. So I had to live with the discomfort for a week cause no shops seemed to carry 2g barbells where I was. Finally I got home but the 2g in and was fine. Taping from a 2g to a 0g was much better and more comfortable. And then a 0g to a 00g was cool too get a tiny bit of discomfort because your tongue muscle are adjusting the bigger size, I am assuming. Cause I always get a tingling feeling at the tip of my tongue after I stretch. But using tape I went from a 4g to a 00g in less than a month. Since I just stretched to a 00g two days ago I am going to stay at that size for a while. But thanks to awesome people who make awesome jewelry there are options for us folks who want big holes in our tongues. My goal: Get a tunnel barbell in my tongue. ^_^ Good luck with your own stretching! Everything in my experience is from my experience. I did thinks that weren't very smart and don't recommend you tapering your own tongue and whatnot. Always consult your Body Piercer/Body Modifier


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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