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My second center tongue piercing!

I got my tongue pierced for the first time in 2005 two weeks before my 16th birthday. After having that, I had fallen in love with double pierced tongues. It took me over two full years to convince my parents to FINALLY allow me to get a second (now at 18.)

On September 7, 2007, I finally got my parents to take me to get it done. I walked in, and told the guy at the front I wanted a second tongue piercing, he was eating and I think when I said what I wanted, the food went down the wrong way, and he coughed a little. :) He said that the piercer had stepped out, but went back to get someone to come to the counter to see if it would be possible to pierce my tongue again. He came up front a few minutes later - and asked me to stick my tongue out, and said that though my tongue is rather short, I still had 2-4 inches behind my current tongue piercing that it SHOULD be okay to put another one in. I smiled, and said thank you. He then went on to tell me that piercings further back tend to swell up more than normal, but I seemed to have a fair amount of room left in the current barbell on my first piercing that it shouldn't be too bad, nor should I have problems. I thanked him again and he left the shop because his shift was over.

I then told the guy at the front I'd be back, and went to ask my parents for a bit more money so I could give a tip. They gave me $20, and I went back in. A few minutes later, the piercer walked in, and the guy at the front said he had a couple piercings to do, and a tongue piercing, to which he asked who wanted their tongue pierced - and I said I did! He asked me to stick out my tongue and said it shouldn't be a problem. He then gave me a form to fill out, which I'd already seen 10 times before, I filled it out, signed and dated it, and paid him. I then told my parents I'd be out in about 10 minutes.

As we were walking back to the room - he warned me that second tongue piercings usually ARE and CAN BE painful. That made me nervous, but I wanted it bad enough I went through with it anyway. He asked me what my pain threshold was like, and I said I could handle quite a bit! He had trouble marking it, when I finally asked if taking my first out before piercing it again would help the process, and he said that just might help quite a bit. So he took it out, dried it again, marked it - again, and told me he'd tell me what he was doing as he did it. I closed my eyes, he put the clamps on, and told me to breathe in, stuck the needle through, and told me to breathe out. It was the most painful piercing I'd gone through, it wasn't TERRIBLE, definitely DOABLE, but painful. He then asked me what aftercare I used, and told me to just do the same with this one and I should be okay. He asked me if I was okay or needed help/needed to lie down before standing up, and I said that I was fine, and smiled. He told me he had over 250 piercings - to which I gave him a funny look, he said if I had any questions to call. I thanked him and was on my way.

I've noticed I've also got earaches, that got to me AFTER the piercing, but it COULD be coincidence because I hadn't been feeling 100% for a couple days. My tongue is still quite numb, then again, I'm not used to having two barbells in my tongue, and I'm sure the fact that the piercing itself actually HURT doesn't help. :)

It's been about 30 hours, and it's still fairly painful at the moment, but the pain is certainly going away. Drinking LOTS of ice cold water definitely helped in the swelling department. Reducing talking I've noticed also does help. Also not playing with it, or sticking it out a lot helps. :)

I've been able to eat most things, anything fairly soft. Puddings, jello, granola bars, mac n cheese. Cookies are tough, but doable. Popsicles and freezee's are definitely recommended and help A LOT with swelling.

Overall I would certainly recommend doing two if you're considering it. Just know that it probably WILL hurt, and so far, the aftercare/healing is quite a bit more painful/difficult than a first. :) But I'm sure once it's healed completley it'll be COMPLETLEY worth it! I'm SO happy with mine.


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on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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