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My perfect center tongue

I woke up in the middle of the night, about three months ago. Back then it was my habit was to ask myself every night "what do I want?" or "what kind of person do I want to be?"

Well this question doesn't seem to really have any sort of answer, but one night, I woke up and I had this idea in my head that I really wanted to get my tongue pierced.

I might have gone and done it the very next day, except that my boyfriend of three years was opposed to the idea saying "name one classy woman who has a tongue piercing" I thought this was a little unfair as a lot of our mutual MALE friends have tongue piercings and he doesn't call them tacky, but nevertheless, I dropped the idea.

Three months later I reintroduced the subject via a cunning and clever technique (I showed him one of my favourite porn films, "kinky bitch" which stars a beautiful lady who sports both a pierced tongue and a VCH.)

Finally he came round to the idea, although not straight away. (and now I am also considering getting a triangle as I am anatomically suited, but that's to be another story)

Anyway, I was taking my friend to get her nipple pierced today, when I thought, oh what the hell, I mean I have been planning for months and the boyfriend is no longer opposed, so why not?

We got to the piercing studio at 2pm (very clean place with very professional staff, where I had gotten two piercings previously) and my friend was extremely nervous. She decided that she wanted to be pierced first because she felt that she might back out if she saw the needles, (though I don't know why, she's holier than an angel) so I watched her get her nipple pierced, the placement looked really good and before I knew it she was squeezing my hand and grimacing her pupils were dilating with the adrenalin high and then it was my turn.

Snakebite had me scootch over to the very corner of the seat where I was sitting and press my back against the wall so that I would be conveniently positioned so she could place the piercing. My friend moved unobtrusively to the opposite side of the room (she couldn't watch, even though she had her own tongue pierced last week) She used a toothpick and indigo ink to place a dot on my tongue, and then she had me check that that was where I wanted it. The placement seemed fine to me so I told her to go ahead.

I was getting a bit nervous by then as it had been over six years since I had my last piercing, but she was very calming and told me exactly what to expect.

She clamped my tongue and I could feel the tip of the needle resting on the spot she had marked. She asked me to breathe in and ... and out STAB. Just as I was thinking "that wasn't too bad" she put the jewellery in and then I felt the pain. A sick half numb sensation that lasted about thirty seconds after the jewellery was in place. Suddenly I was aware that I had become very quiet.

Then suddenly it was okay. I looked at it in the mirror and it looked fantastic. It was perfectly central in my tongue (I have read a lot of stories where the piercer sets the placement slightly off centre to avoid hitting any veins, but luckily my tongue was clear in the centre)

There was no bleeding at all, although it is a bit swollen right now, and eating my omelette has become one giant mission. I have a tip though, for those of you reading this who have just gotten their tongue pierced (or are thinking about it)

Get a cup, fill it with crushed ice, and a teaspoon. Allow the teaspoon to sit in the ice for a minute or so, then carefully press it against the tongue. The swelling goes down considerably, and on top of that, you can eat the ice afterwards!

Also, my bf loves my new piercing. He said to my friend "it's cute, elegant and functional"

I love my piercing too, and I can't wait until it heals!!

I am also really exited about buying some new belbars for it when it heals. I want to get an invisible pink retainer for work (because I am a children's entertainer and I'm not sure how my boss would react, she can be very finicky about things like this. The aftercare seems pretty straight forward, just mouthwash without any alcohol, and Snakebite also recommended that I buy a new soft bristled tooth brush to avoid introducing any old bacteria into my mouth. Not really looking forward to work tomorrow, but at least I now have a sweet little secret.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: snakebite
Studio: streetwise
Location: newmarket%2C+auckland%2C+NZ

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