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Awesome piercing!

I wanted to wait a while before I wrote up my experience because I read too many here on BME that have been written on the day of the piercing which then have no information about healing and such. So I hope this covers anything you need to know.

I've wanted my tongue pierced for a few years but with age being an issue I put it to the back of my mind and waited. It got to last summer (August 06) where I met a girl with her tongue pierced which sparked my interest again. Hearing nothing but positives about it I was sold.

My mother however, was not. Having 'the itch' in December of last year I got my helix pierced with the intention of getting my tongue pierced the following summer... which brings me to the subject of this experience.

So after months of research and subtle persuasion my mum had finally agreed to let me get my tongue pierced with the catch being that I'd have to wait till after all my exams were over this summer and that I use acrylic balls once it heals. Pleased with the compromise I patiently waited. I knew where I was going to go to get pierced after going with a friend to get her tongue pierced a few months prior. The shop is always very clean when I go in and the staff I have come across are all friendly and helpful.

Well I my last exam was on the Saturday (I took dance exams too) and so I planned to go in the following Monday. I had a slight setback when I went in after school, I didn't have any ID on me so the piercer refused unless I brought some in. So I went home to get my birth certificate. I could have just gone in the next day, but me being myself I'd already told a few people I was getting my tongue pierced and my pride wouldn't allow me coming in the next morning without it.

I returned to the shop about half an hour before closing. After reading a lot of experiences here I wasn't nervous. I didn't expect any pain or complications so I was pretty confident about it all. So the piercer and I go out back and down the stairs to the piercing room, I sit up on the bed while he puts gloves on etc. He marks my tongue; I check it in the mirror, 'spot on!' He positions the clamps (which I didn't feel at all) and we're ready to go. He just pushed the needle through with no count or anything which I prefer (less to think about that way) the feeling was strange. Slightly painful but it felt exactly what it was, a needle being pushed through my tongue. I was surprised by this because of the lack of pain I've read about in other experiences and heard from others. So it just goes to show that pain is a personal thing. What might be excruciating for one person could be a walk in the park for somebody else.

Bar goes in, all done; I tip him £5 being a poor student and all.

I'm fine for about 10 minutes until I leave the shop where I promptly feel like I'm about to faint, having my sister with me was a good idea!

I bought lucozade and an ice pole from the shop down the street so fix my blood sugar level and reduce the pain in my mouth respectively.

I was very pleased with the piercer. He was very professional and followed all the health and safety you would expect in a piercing studio. I could see the autoclave, everything was set out still in its packaging until it was about to be used. Overall it was very clean, no complaints.

Healing was rather uneventful; the swelling went down after a few days. And any pain I felt was gone in about a week. I didn't have any problems eating, I just ate slower than normal until I was used to the bar. Until I got it downsized three weeks later I found the barbell annoying during meal times, this was fixed with the downsize.

Since then I've tried a couple of different jewellery combinations for comfort and practicality including different bar lengths and ball sizes. I've now got that sorted and I wear 5mm clear acrylic balls on a 13mm titanium bar. The balls are safer on my teeth (reduced chance of cracking/ chipping) and are less visible for school and work while the titanium bar eliminates any potential irritation from possible metal allergies.

This is a wonderful piercing. It feels so comfortable in my mouth and it has made a suitable replacement to my retired helix piercing.

To anyone who is considering this piercing I say go for it, once it has healed you will not regret it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: I+didn%27t+catch+his+name
Studio: Fulham+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: London%2C+UK

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