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Tongue web DIY again.

Stef again.

So last night at about 3am I pierced my web with a sewing needle. I have already written a story about that. Just to cut it short, my bellybar was too big to go through the hole because a sewing needle is really thin. So I decided to leave it until I got a CBR the next day and re-pierce it then.

So today I woke up and my web was slightly sore and a little swollen from last night. It was ok to eat and talk etc. but kind of sore to move my tounge around too much. There was scar tissue on the side that I inserted the needle.

Later on, I went to town and after a small argument with the jewelery lady, I got a small-ish CBR [not sure of size] and a new set of [darning] needles which I thought would be a little better and thicker than sewing needles. They turned out to be the same size as my CBR.

In the evening, I decided it was a good time when my mum was settled into watching her soaps. So I put the needle and CBR into boiled water for about 45mins. And set a little ice on my web for about 5mins. I could see white scar tissue from where I had pierced the night before, and thought it would be sorer than it previously was.

I brushed my teeth and swished Listerine around my mouth for about a minute while I put on Latex gloves.

I poked at the scar tissue for a minute and bits of it kinda fell off which scared me a little. I was a little nervous, but not much.

My web seemed smaller than it had the night before [it was small anyway, but now it was tiny] and I wasnt quite sure where I should pierce as I wanted to avoid the scar tissue. But as there wasnt much other places I could pierce, I decided to pierce through the scar tissue which seemed to be straight in the middle.

As I had read on BME, because of the scar tissue, it WAS sorer than the night before and didnt go through as easily. Eventually I got it through, and got more nervous as i heard that POP sound... There was no blood, unlike the last time when I'd experienced a few drops.

I left the needle in for 30mins while I watched some tv. I read that rings go through easier the longer the needle is left in.

After 30mins, I decided I had enough drool on me and wanted to get this ring in.

I slowly pulled out the needle and I could see a clear hole. I took the CBR out of the boiled water and wiped it with an alcohol wipe. I removed the ball and got to work...

The ring was alot harder to put in that I'd expected it to be. It just wouldnt go through the whole way, and I guess the drool wasnt helping matters.

Eventually it went through and I thought that was the hard part over. Boy was I wrong...

I closed my mouth for a few mins to give my tounge a rest, but I was afraid of the ring falling out. So I opened my mouth and lifted my tounge and pushed it as far forward as I could, but there was no way in hell I could get this ball on! It was them click in kinds, and it wasnt very friendly..

I tried for about 20mins with my tounge in all different positions, and with my arms, tounge and web aching, I decided to try again later. And left the ring in.

So now here I am, my web is a little swollen and sore and has been in about an hour now. With my web swollen, the piercing looks to be in the perfect place, so I'm afraid of it being too shallow when the swelling dies down. I still have no idea how I'm gonna get the ball of the CBR onto the ring and I really dont wanna take this piercing out as I love the feeling of it!

I think the ring is a little big as it's rubbing of my bottom front teeth but maybe its just because its new. The woman in the jewelery shop said that there was no way I'd get the next smaller size down closed, glad I didnt get that one.

I really like this piercing, its fun and easy to hide from parents. But anyone thinking about it, go to a professional, anything could happen if you do it yourself.

And a little advice to people getting this done! Don't be as stupid as me and not have eaten all day! Cos I'm starving now!!


submitted by: StefD
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+room
Location: Ireland

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