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My Tongue Web Experience In a 3rd World Country

 Although I had never been pierced before, I knew that I wanted some kind of facial piercing. When I was thirteen, I was very much into getting an eyebrow piercing, but the idea has since faded away. Since then, I've toyed with many different piercing ideas, and running them by my parents. As usual, they've always said "When you're 18, you'll do what you want with your body.".

About a year ago, before I turned 14, our family moved to Costa Rica. Until about a week, I've still been thinking about mods, but never actually doing anything. The thing that really got me thinking about a tongue web piercing are it's many upsides. I knew that if I wanted a piercing, it would have to be something discreet (because my school doesn't allow facial piercings), and something that my parents wouldn't be able to notice.

The day that I got the piercing was actually very spontaneous. I had forgotten about my web for a while, and it was when I went to Mall San Pedro with Kelly and Heather that it happened. We were walking and buying weapons and eating pizza until we walked into a tattoo shop, where Kelly and Heather were getting Henna tattoos. We were playing around with the idea of getting piercings, and we decided, 'Hey, why not?'.

Overall, I definitely wouldn't recommend the shop we went to. When we walked into Tribal Tattoo and asked for piercings, the man at the counter didn't ID us. Kelly and Heather, who were both eighteen, wouldn't have had any problems, but at 15, the clerk should have checked my ID. He also didn't ask to fill in any forms. When we asked, he said, 'Ok. That will be $16. 20 minutes to sterilize, you can wait outside if you'd like.' That was the first thing that got me thinking. 16 dollars?!? Either this was the deal of a lifetime, or something was wrong. Another problem was that I had been recommended a barbell by Kelly, who had had her web pierced before. She said rings had a tendency of getting caught in food and other things. The man at the desk, however, insisted that the piercing had to be done with a ring, and not a barbell. Since this was already a spontaneous decision, we didn't really give it a second thought, it was more of a, 'Meh...'. We decided to go for it and deal with it later.

Anyways, by then, I was starting to get the jitters. After all, I had never been pierced and I had no idea what to expect. 20 minutes later, we were called in. The piercer didn't introduce himself, which is yet another reason that I wouldn't recommend this shop. He sat Heather down first, and iced all of us while he prepped a needle for Heather. We all watched as he pierced her and slipped the ring in. The piercer had a little trouble with the ball, and he dropped it in between her legs and asked me to retrieve it. Before I knew it, it was my turn in the chair.

I sat down, and at that time the numbness was starting to wear off. According to some of the other stories, the thing that supposedly hurts is the clamp on the web. The piercer didn't use clamps, and even though the numbness was pretty much gone, I felt nothing at all. Before I knew it, I was done and it was Kelly's turn to get pierced. In all, we got no aftercare instructions, so the first thing I did when I got home was look up the aftercare info.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend a tongue web piercing. It's small, it's discreet, but it attracts a lot of attention when it's noticed. It's also unique, unlike the navels going around these days. But once again, I don't know if it's just like that in developing countries, or if I happened to stumble upon a bad parlor. However, though I wouldn't return to Tribal, I don't at all mean to deter you from getting a piercing, just to do your research and to make sure you scope out the spot beforehand.

As of now, it's been 6 days, and I haven't encountered any problems. It's been a little swollen, and I think I may be delaying the healing process by smoking about every day, but I haven't had any sign of infection. I use mouthwash and saline solution after every meal, and it seems to be working out fine. The trickiest thing about the ring is that plaque accumulates very quickly on it, and I usually brush it every 2 days. When it will have been 2 weeks, I'm going to go back to the studio and ask to have them change it to a barbell.

My parents still haven't noticed, and I know that I'll have to tell them eventually, but for now I'm leaving well enough alone.

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on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Studio: Tribal+Tattoo
Location: Mall+San+Pedro

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