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Haha. I got my tongue pierced. Screw you.

I'm 13. And that's all you'll ever need to know.

I've been fascinated with piercings. Of course after having my second hole, cartilage & belly button pierced. Like most kids who become obsessed with piercings, I came to BME to cure my want to pierce myself so bad. And I had thoughts of another DIY piercing since the last 2 were unsuccessful.

I remember, it was kind of the beginning of 7th grade & a friend of mine had recently gotten her tongue pierced. I came across the overwhelming feeling of, "Oh Shit Thats So Cool; I want mines done so badly; Uhm where is the place?; Oh, you had to take an adult to sign you?; Oh wow, it's swelling now?" Yes, those questions were kind of annoying.

Eh so now where do I begin?

I have a good friend. She's 18. Well. It was awkward how we met. But skip that. I had the balls to ask her if she would sign for me to get my tongue pierced. She said yes. So it was basically all planned. I would meet her at the place to get it pierced and she would sign for me. And well. I thought it would really happen. Eh. Turns out the dude was on vacation.

NOW fast-forward a month; August 16. (yeah, it was pretty boring). So then one day, she im's me asking if I could go with her so she can get her monroe done and she could get my tongue pierced. HAHA. HEAVEN OH YES. I was so happy except I had a dentist appointment and at my dentist. Well long story short, last time, I had to wait 3 hours for my mom to get a check-up. 3 hours. My appointment was at 3. And I had to be at the place with her at 5. So yeah, I was worried once again that I wasn't going to get it done.

So, I finish at the dentist by 4:30. And I get home and I wait until it's time to leave (she said she might be 20 minutes late). So, I left at 4:57 hoping to get there by 5:20.

My body shook as I crossed every street. It was pretty far from my house. And since this was the only real time my mom let me out, well, I had to try to not get the piercing noticed. I finally got to the place by 5:24. I looked around but she wasn't there. So I decided to buy 3 tongue rings, look around, probably there would be something of interest. Now, at 5:50, she came. We talked and she said, "Remember your 17." Eh. I looked 17. I was wearing clothing. I carried around alot of money. I basically sounded like I was 17. So it really wasn't too hard.

We walked up to the piercing place. Which was kind of small. But hey, my neighborhood is lame. No real civilization. So yeah. She told the lady she wanted me to get my tongue pierced. So the lady handed me the form where she told me to fill everything out. So I wrote my name. And my birthday except I wrote 1990. Then my friend signed it. And then the lady told me to wait. The guy got everything ready. I was so happy. And then the guy pushed away the display case and let me in. He told me to sit down and to rinse my mouth with listerine until he said to spit it out. "This, Listerine. This will be your best friend for 1 month. And today is your ice sucking day. You might want to go to Burger King to get a BIG cup of ice. And blahh blahh blahh blahh." Honestly, I don't remember a thing. I remember when he marked my tongue. I didn't know where it was but I think it was good placement. And then he put the clamps on.

Ah. Now really. People who say the clamps hurt. You're kidding right? You must be. The clamps are like tweezers. If it really hurt that bad. You must be a whimp. They were so painless. I didn't feel a thing.

So, he told me to hold the clamps while he got the needle. He smeared some kind of cream. And then he took the needle and told me to relax as he took the clamps out of my hands. He held the needle and I pinched my hand and then he stuck it in.

The pain was nothing. As someone said before. "Piercing your tongue is like poking a needle through thread. That should not hurt." I can't say that was true. But the needle went it. And it was so awesome. I longed to remember what it was like to have a fresh piercing. Ah. Good times. Good times. He then stuck in the barbell which didn't really feel too awkward. It was just that it felt like the hole was too tight. Ah. Well. Afterwards, me and my friend, we went to Burger King where I got the cup of ice. Ah. It felt so good. Trust me. I didn't feel any pain. But it was so good sucking on the ice and then when the ice dissoved, the barbell would be cold. It felt really good.

So, later, she walked me home. I had to throw out the ice because my mom might have suspected something. SO I left it out front where you would put the garbage.

Like 5 hours later. It hurts like a bitch. I swear.

Worst part is, I didn't eat since 12.

But. Anyways. It seems to be okay, it's not swelling that bad. And I love it. Even though it gives me a headache. It hurts, can't move my tongue, can't talk, can't drink. Oh god, just one more day. And hopefully, just hopefully, I can eat something.

Funny thing is. I know how I'm going to tell my mom about it.

And the best thing is. When I go back to school and I show it to this girl. She's going to say it was pierced wrong. And I'm going to tell her, "HAHA, at least I got my tongue pierced. So fuck you."


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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