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DIY tounge web

Hey. I'm Stef. I'm 14 and I've been obsessed with piercing for as long as I remembered. I have 3 holes in each ear, Bellybutton and tragus pierced. And a few months ago I pierced my tongue, but took it out because of swelling. My parents are totally against piercings of any kind. But especially tongue piercings. And I am determined to get that done. I've wanted it for as long as I can remember. They won't even allow me to get my nose done: "It'll ruin your future when you cant get a job because your covered in holes" Yeah whatever. They thought that by letting me get my bellybutton pierced, it would quench my thirst for piercing. But sadly they were wrong. I needed something that wouldn't be seen.

So recently, my boyfriends older brother got his tongue pierced. He was always sticking his tongue out at me, showing the stud. And once again, I felt like I needed to have some metal in my mouth. A tongue piercing was all I thought about over the next few days. I was thinking about re-piercing my tongue and putting in a dull pink stud so my parents wouldn't see. All I was afraid of was hitting a vain. So I Google-searched for 'piercings' to see the risks. BME came up and I was fascinated by all the different pictures of piercings. I was scared of hitting a vein in my tongue, so I looked at 'tongue related piercing' hoping to find something nice, but less dangerous. I feel in love with the web piercing instantly. And spent about 6 hours that night researching and reading stories on BME.

So about 2.30am when I was satisfied everyone was asleep, I grabbed a cup of boiling water, in which I already had a sewing needle, tweezers, and CBR. I headed to my room and brushed my teeth like I had never brushed them before, then swished with Listerine for about a minute. I put on a pair of Latex gloves and throughly washed my hands. I then put the needle and CBR in Listerine & water [50,50] and afterwards, wiped them with an alcohol wipe. I laid all my equipment out on a piece of tissue. I opened my mouth as far as I could and tried to decide where would be the best place to pierce.

So I lifted the needle and pressed it against the webbing. I couldn't feel much and thought I wasn't hitting it at all. I pushed harder and the webbing started to stretch into a tent like effect which I had read about on BME, so I placed my thumb on the other side and pushed the webbing into the needle. I heard a pop and looked down and saw the other end of the needle was through. I was so happy, it had barely hurt! I left the needle in for about 30 minutes and watched a bit of TV. I read that rings go through easier the longer the needle is left in. After 30mins, I decided I had enough drool on me and wanted to get this ring in.

I slowly pulled out the needle and I could see a clear hole. I took the CBR out of the boiled water and wiped it again with an alcohol wipe. I removed the ball and got to work... The ring was a lot harder to put in that I'd expected it to be. It just wouldn't go through the whole way, and I guess the drool wasn't helping matters. But eventually it went through and I thought that was the hard part over. Boy was I wrong... I closed my mouth for a few minutes to give my tongue a rest, but I was afraid of the ring falling out. So after a few minutes, I opened my mouth and lifted my tongue and pushed it as far forward as I could so my webbing was resting on my teeth, but there was no way in hell I could get this ball on! I tried for about 20minutes with my tongue in all different positions, and with my arms, tongue and web aching, I decided to try again later. And left the ring in.

So about an hour later, I decided it was time to try again and I was determined to get the ball on. After about 45 minutes, the ball still wasn't planning to go on. My hands were aching and I was so fed up, and I decided to leave the hole to heal up and get it pierced professionally. I don't recommend self-piercing, if you want a piercing, do the smart thing and go to a professional. I was very lucky to not have hit something and I plan to go to a professional soon.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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