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Told You Venoms Hurt

I have been in a very active phase as to body modifications lately. I have been having something new done about once or twice a month depending on how long it takes to feel healed up in between. I have done piercings ( madison, surface clavacles, center tongue, 12g lip) several cutting/skin removals and a tattoo.

A few weeks ago when I was ready for the next thing I called Josh at the usual place. They said he no longer worked there. This was not exactly a surprise. I was surprised at how I felt about just going to some one else. So I called the number he'd given me. He said he was out in Queens. Far out. Far out as in long train ride. Whatever.

He said "So, what are we going to do?"

I said "Piercings."

He said "Anything special I'll need to bend?"

After I hung up I laughed. This conversation just struck me as funny.To have some one casually ask if they'll need tools to twist bits of metal to fit your flesh. Then say nice to talk to you, see you soon etc.

So I took the 7 train and found the place with no trouble. I like Queens. I did not really like the shop though. Open area tattoo stations. I like glass walls at least. Very clean looking but still.

Josh right off said "You will never guess who I saw but you're going to love it!!!" We know none of the same people really so I couldn't imagine.

He said "I met Wayde Dunn down in Philly and showed him pictures of your stingray spine cut. He even gave me some advise about shading."

He was right. I was impressed. We both very much admire this guys work.

So, to the needle. At first we were going to try another center tongue piercing but this one is far back and I have a scar from an old one in front of it AND a short tongue so after alot of saying "Ahhhhh" he said "Nope, it's not getting in there"

I was bummed out so he suggested venoms. He said he felt they were more painful to heal and a bigger risk to teeth and gums long term though. I more or less had heard all that already. I was willing.

He wanted to do it without clamps, so he spent alot of time working out placement. The shop owner had a teenage son who came over to watch. I wasn't sure how I felt about this. I have had other piercers or artists watch procedures but never a kid. I decided I was being an age-ist. He wasn't doing anything inappropriate. So whatever. The kid said " You're not nervous?" I was a bit but Josh said " Nah she's a soldier."

It hurt marginally worse than usual but not much. A crunch sort of.

2 hurt less even. But when I first tried to talk they all went in different directions and I thought "Oh no way. These are coming right out." Then as I spoke they slipped into alignment along the roof of my mouth. Right up top in the hollow part. So...okay.

Now the healing:

1st day- Oh so bad! So swollen I could hardly talk. I got to work and was talking to a friend who immediately said "Did you pierce your tongue again?" I mumbled something about several times. He rolled his eyes. I work on the phone selling tickets. After my first call I looked up miserably at the afore mentioned friend and said as clearly as possible " Ah ant ooo iiss " (I can't do this) He burst out laughing. This was a hard day. For me and my poor callers. Luckily most everything was sold out. Woke up the next day with old blood in my mouth stuck on both sides of my tongue. Took a while to remove.

Day three or four- A center piercing for me would normally be settling down by now. This one was just getting going. I still could eat NOTHING solid. If I even tried I would end up picking it all back out.

I would wake up with big pain in the night and in the morning. Intense but it would ease with salt soaks and ibuprofin. Usually I use Listerine but have read so much about it's drawbacks that I try Biotene this time. My first tongue piercing was done about 10 years ago and back then Listerine and maybe glyoxide were it. My piercer then had apprenticed at Gauntlet and that was his aftercare advise.

One week- I woke in the night with something running down my throat. Some thing salty. I was half asleep thinking I was doing a sea salt soak and told myself to stop swallowing the dirty water. Then I woke all the way up.And knew it was blood.In the way too bright bathroom

lights I looked like I should be in a vampire movie. I work another nine hour shift this day on the phone and by evening I am so swollen my tongue appears to be trying to squeeze out from between my teeth. The teeth marks are visible all around it in a scalloped pattern. I rush off to a play called "Monsters and Prodigies". It is a detailed history of the castrati. Very interesting. At one point during a scene

portraying the drama queen behavior of these mythic creatures(and they are this. No on alive has ever heard a castrato in prime. Nor will) there is alot of bread thrown around the theater. I was so hungry that I wanted to eat the roll by my foot. Luckily the very reason I was so starved was the same reason that kept me from this. The raving pain.

10 days- I ditch the Biotene with extreme prejudice. It leaves a film on my jewelry and I notice a slight discharge which I have never had before. I switch to diluted listerine and glyoxide. I am old fashioned. This works best for me.

Two weeks-I can eat normal and talk almost normal. They are still a bit sore if I get to playing with them. Or cough wrong.

Now they are pretty much healed. I really love the placement. Since my tongue is short but wide they are all in a row across. Josh is not at the Queens place anymore. I saw him at a shop downtown yesterday when I was getting a tattoo nearby. He looked at them and pronounced them "doing well" I said they still hurt some.

He said "Yeah. I told you Venoms hurt.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Josh
Studio: VillageMoon
Location: Queens

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