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My tongue piercing at Kaleidoscope

First of all, I have other piercings: I have my lip, an industrial, another upper cartilage, and two in my lobes each (6g and 12g) plus I had my navel and eyebrow done...

Now, on with the story about how I got my tongue pierced!

I haven't gotten any piercings in a few years, and I recently decided that since I live on my own, I might as well get my tongue pierced. I had a couple weeks to wait to get the money and to get the time off of work, so I also had plenty of time to research this piercing.

My boyfriend and I had to walk to Kaleidoscope, which is 2.4 miles away from my apartment according to google maps, so by the time we got there, we really appreciated both the air conditioning and the waiting couches. When we walked in, we were immediately asked if we needed any help and I said I wanted to get my tongue pierced. A woman handed me the required form to fill out, and of course she checked my ID as well. We were after a girl getting her navel done, so we had time to look around the rest of the store, which was pretty cool. Unfortunately, it also gave me time to get way more nervous than I should have been! I found about, a zillion tongue rings I want to get as soon as my piercing heals.

When it was my turn, a friendly guy called me over. This would be my piercer, Qui Qui. He first checked my tongue to see if it was piercable, and of course...it was!

After that, I was lead back to a clean room with a strange glowing bench, and Qui Qui went over the healing and aftercare with me. He told me to check "my balls" daily to make sure they stay tight and secure. While talking about aftercare, he was impressed to hear that I had already stocked up on ice cream and soup.

When it was time to pierce, he let my boyfriend hold my hand and he told me he would never let anyone's legs in between his for his own safety, so I had to sort of put them to the side of the chair.

After this, I decided it was time to close my eyes, so I did. He explained what he was doing as he did it, which made me feel more relaxed. It seems like I was pierced in seconds. My boyfriend even said he had no idea it would be so quick and painless...which it was! It was just a little bit of sharp pain, and then it was over. I didn't even cry out, and I always cry out when I get shots!

After the piercing, I felt VERY lightheaded. I said my vision was going dark, and Qui Qui said "in a moment, your hearing will go too" and he was right, it was already going. I didn't pass out, but I got close. I was lightheaded for about ten minutes, and Qui Qui had my boyfriend put his hand on my shoulder to assure my safety if I did, in fact, pass out. From his response, I assume that's common with piercings but since I have blood sugar problems to begin with, I probably made it worse on myself. When I left, it was with a packet including more information on healing and such, and a bottle of Tech 2000. I was impressed by Qui Qui's honesty. He asked if I wanted to buy the big or small bottle, and when I said I wasn't sure how much I would need, he said the small would be enough. It was nice knowing he wasn't just trying to make more money!

After we got home, I had some go-gurt until I realized yogurt is probably NOT good for a fresh piercing. I've been drinking cold water and sucking ice all day now (just don't crunch it, you end up getting the tongue ring!) I'm bad, and decided I needed solid food. Ordered some breadsticks from Domino's, and realized it is possible to eat, if you do it incredibly slowly. What really helped me was tearing it into very small pieces and chewing on one side while actively keeping my tongue on the other side. After every few 'bites', I'd rinse my mouth out with water. Doing this stings for a bit, but it made me feel better about the cleanliness of my piercing. I don't recommend eating solid foods on day one; I'm just impatient.

At this point, I've taken ibuprofen and my tongue is a bit swollen, so I've stopped talking for the night. That's where I am now, typing this! I want to end this by saying I highly recommend Kaleidoscope if you're in the Springfield area!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Qui+Qui
Studio: Kaleidoscope
Location: Springfield%2C+MO

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