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my tongue piercing

I decided that I wanted to get my tongue pierced after my mum had hers done some years back. I was only 12 at the time so my mum agreed to let me have it done but said to wait a year until I was 13. It seemed like forever waiting for my birthday and I could hardly contain my excitement when it finally came around.

I was on this website everyday to read the other peoples experiences. I had been told it wouldn't hurt as much as my tattoo did or my belly piercing as they could completely numb your tongue. I was very glad to hear that as even though I have a very high pain barrier the pain was the thing I worried about the most, that and not being able to eat properly as I love my food even though im quite petite.

I checked out all the places in my hometown for price and hygienic reasons. I scoured the phone book and trailed from studio to studio from werrington to eastgate and the best place turned out to be the market, it was very clean, the prices were good and the matey that did the piercing came across as friendly yet professional. He told me that I wouldn't need to make an appointment but just turn up when I wanted it done. I decided on the 4tth of august the day after my 13th birthday.

My favourite aunt Steph (twenty four) took me up there to get it done and my 2 little cousins Rhiannon (nine) and kane(eight) insisted on tagging along to see it as they were fascinated by the thought of it. He asked me if I had eaten or had a sugary drink today and I told him that I hadn't, he recommended that I go and get myself one because my blood sugar levels would be too low, we had to wait 10 mins for him to sterilise the equipment anyways so we went to get me my drink and then went quick shopping but I couldn't concentrate on the clothes because I was that nervous I felt like I was going to throw up. Before I knew it the 10 mins were up and I was sitting on the bed/chair thing. I very nearly backed out of it when I saw the size of the needle which scared me a bit as I have never been one to be scared of anything such as needles but before I could say any thing Steve put this gel stuff on my finger and told me to put it on the bottom of my tongue, I did this and my tongue went numb immediately, he said it was one that dentists use for people who are scared of needles. He then put the clamp on it and drew 2 dots on the bottom and top of my tongue. He told me think about all the lovely things about my boyfriend (Cohen) I ha started to count them all up when I felt a slight pulling sensation I glanced across the room to the mirror and saw that he was just putting the bar through and he wasn't pulling on my tongue as I had thought. When it was all over I realised I had been holding on to stephs hand and I had been squeezing it so hard it had gone white. When I jumped down off the table I felt a bit faint and light headed but that went quickly as soon as I started walking out of the room to pay him (yes my own mother made me pay for it myself lol) .

Steve gave me a long long lecture about keeping it clean, no alcohol, no smoking, no spicy foods, and no oral sex for two long whole weeks cohen wasn't impressed with that and didn't like it much in those weeks I promised him id be good and keep my tongue to myself lol.

I was surprised at first because it didn't hurt so I thought that everybody had said that it had hurt was lying, then after about 10 mins I knew what pain they were on about. It was the most excruciating pain I had ever felt. I couldn't eat for a whole day and when I tried to eat the next day my 2 front bottom teeth felt like they were going to fall out lol. I was back eating properly after a few days and was fine after that.

It was the best thing I've had done out of all my tattoos and body piercings and even though im only 14 ive got quite a few done.

I have got







And my nose. I also have three tattoos and am currently waiting to add to my collection.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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