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My First (Successful) Tongue Piercing!

I had a very bad tongue piercing experience at another Tattoo/Piercing shop (in Natchez, MS) 3 months ago with an inexperienced piercer. He pierced my tongue three times with the needle and then proceeded to break the barbell on my tongue! It bled like hell! Afterwards, he tried to blame the mistake on me, stating that I was moving my tongue around too much and that I needed to keep it still. Of course it wasn't my fault, because he was the one who needed to hold my tongue still during the whole process!

If I would've known that he was an inexperienced piercer beforehand, then I wouldn't have let him get near me in the first place! He also told me to come back the day after that, which, of course, I didn't! But none of this stopped me from getting my tongue pierced again! My girlfriend, Andrea, checked out this other shop a month before hand and decided that it looked a hell of a lot more professional than the other shop (which is now closing its doors)!

So on Friday, July 13, my girlfriend and I both decided to go and get our tongues pierced. My girlfriend was extremely nervous about her first tongue piercing, especially after witnessing that horribly inexperienced piercing from the other shop 2 months earlier, but she decided to go on ahead with the tongue piercing as planned. We were kind of nervous walking into this new piercing shop, but we were determined!

She was a lot more tense than I was, which is surprising considering my first incident. First we paid them and then we walked over to the piercing chair. The piercer, Mark Carithers, (who did a WONDERFUL job) explained the whole process to us and was EXTREMELY professional about the whole process!

I held my girlfriend's belongings as he pierced my girlfriend's tongue first and then came the time for mine! I strolled over to the chair and sat down. Mark gave me some mouthwash to rinse with and then he picked up the clamp from the tray he had sat out earlier. He told me to stick out my tongue like a board and then he centered the clamp on my tongue and pulled it. Although I've heard of other stories where people complained about the clamp being painful, to me, it really didn't hurt at all!

Then the needle came! Mark very quickly and carefully plunged the needle through my tongue! It was painless and I didn't even feel a thing! There was just this strange and different sensation that I felt as the cool metal slid into my virgin tongue! It was truly an invigorating and awe-inspiring event! I would definitely do it over again and now I am considering getting my nipples pierced! Afterwards, my poor girlfriend passed out after working herself up so much for her much awaited piercing, but she was just extremely nervous and is prone to panic attacks!

It was a totally awesome and kick-ass experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a tongue piercing!

The only thing that was rough about the piercing is the first week (at least for me it was around a week or so) in which I couldn't eat many solid foods at all because the barbell that they put in is larger to accommodate for the swelling which follows and lasts for around a week or so. I was pretty much on a liquid diet that consisted of soup, milk, chocolate milk, applesauce, Campbell's Chicken and Stars soup, watermelon, and other drinks. I would still do it again though!

Eating with the tongue ring in is different and very awkward, but you can eat comfortably if you just don't be ridiculous! Just remember these simple rules: Don't stuff your large mouth full of food and remember to chew very SLOWLY and CAREFULLY! This will help you a lot during the healing period! It's really not that bad after the swelling goes down. I mean, it IS going to be sore, but that is to be expected, because, come on, you just got a needle shoved into your tongue and a metal barbell inserted into its place in the center of your fleshy, meaty tongue! A little pain is to be expected, but you know what they say, "No Pain, No Gain!"

The Tattoo shop also told me to rinse with Brown Listerine and not to drink alcohol. I also got this whitish yellow fluid which drains from my tongue, which could be pus or lymph (I'm not sure which one it is because I've heard different people say different things). I clean the fluid off of my tongue with a Q-Tip dipped in Brown Listerine a few times a day, rinse with the Brown Listerine after eating, rinse with un-iodized sea salt dissolved in water before bed and apply a few drops of Emu Oil which was provided to me by the piercing shop, Pleasurable Pains!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Mark+Carithers
Studio: Pleasurable+Pains
Location: Brookhaven%2C+Mississippi%2C+USA

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