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An Impromptu Piercing

Let me preface this story by saying that I have wanted to get my tongue pierced for about three or so years now.

The night I got my tongue pierced really wasn't planned. My room mate knew that I really wanted it and we just went. We had originally planned to get a little buzz going and then hit the clubs. So, with some shots of jack and adrenaline in us we got on the Later Gator (drunk bus which runs down town and all through out the University of Florida campus) to go to the club. My room mate is only sixteen so she has to use her school ID to get into clubs which wasn't working on that particular night. After she got turned away at a particularly monitored club, we walked down the main stretch toward this club, who's owner we've known for a little bit. On the way, we both really had to go to the bathroom so we stopped at this tatoo and piercing parlor, Body Tech, which we'd been to a few places before. Well, we went to the bathroom and when we came out we mingled a bit with some of the piercers and tatoo artists (we even touched a tatooer's dreads, which would have never happened had we been sober). Anywho, the idea hit me: Why don't I just pierce my tongue now? Problem: I didn't have my money. So I begged my room mate to go back to the dorms with me and then go back to body tech and she agreed. So we got on the bus took it there and took it back. All the while I was in drunk celebratory mode.

We got to the parlor and the guys immediately recognized us. "Hey you're back!" The place was pretty empty but was very clean. My piercer then proceeded to ask me questions, check my id, etc. Then he asked if I'd been drinking and I said yes but that I was not drunk. All the guys were sort of laughing as I realed off my list of cocktails that night. Then my piercer was like "Woah, if you talk any more about alcohol, I'm not going to do it." And, of course, I agreed.

My room mate and I followed him back through a dimly lit hallway which had leather couches and sculptures of men and women with glowing light up piercings into a very bright sterile looking room. My room mate was told to turn off her phone and I was told to relax and the chair. The piercer put a bib on me and Des asked, "Is she really going to bleed this much?" and the piercer replied "No, this to protect you if I drop any needles or something." and I just was kind of like okay.

He then told me to stick my tongue out as far as I could and to relax, drawing a little black dot with a pen on my tongue. He took out the prongs, whcih doesn't hurt and drove a needle through my tongue, which didn't hurt. It just kind of stung a little a few minutes later. I was so excited but kind of confused because I always thought this was going to hurt and it was just sort of over. So did my room mate when she said "I'm kind of mad that it was over that quick."

We went out into the main part of the studio and talked some more to the guys and he gave me a sheet of paper with care instructions and mouthwash. By that time, the studio was more crowded and a bunch of girls were in there thinking about getting their tongues pierced but said they were scared. I showed them mine and they asked if it hurt to which I replied no.

That night I went back to the fraternity house via the Later Gator and showed off my tongue ring, which everyone thought was super sexy. Even people on the street or the Later Gator because everytime Des and I met someone new she'd blurt out that I just did my tongue and everyone would ask to see it and the general concensous was that I was totally bad ass with it. I've only had it about a day. My tongue is kind of swollen and it hurts a little to swallow but there's no signifigant pain... just a little stinging/irritation. I think its way cool though and I can't wait for it to heal up. I like showing people but I don't think I'll be telling my parents anytime soon because my dad will definitely freak out. To anyone who wants to do this, just do it. It doesn't really hurt and I think it looks super cute. Just don't drink afterwords and fight off all the men begging for oral sex.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Justin
Studio: Body+Tech
Location: Gainesville

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