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And I thought it wouldn't hurt.

I thought about getting this piercing done for a while before I actually got it. I looked it up online and realised that nobody really had it done, for good reason too. It had tons of problems to come along with it, and apparently it's REALLY dangerous. First of all, I saw that you could easily damage the nerves in your tongue and damage taste buds. Also, because it's so deep in your tongue, there would be so many problems with moving my tongue around after I got it. There would also be problems with eating, having a lisp for as long as I had it, and a good risk of damage to my teeth. Nonetheless, I was convinced that I absolutely NEEDED this piercing, regardless of the negative side effects.

So, one day I went in and asked if she would do it for me and I asked the cost, in which she said would be the cost of a normal tongue piercing ($60) and I asked her what kind of damage it could do and she said she's confident that she can do it.

I came back the day after (Friday, April 13th) and she said she'd do it immediately. I wasn't very nervous for some reason, and I'm really guessing it was because I didn't' think it would hurt much at all.

So she brought me back behind the curtain and she told me that she'd never done this kind of piercing before. I didn't really care much because I was too determined to get it, so I just hoped for the best. She proceeded to dry my tongue off; she clamped it and took a flashlight to try to see through my tongue. Since the tongue is really thick horizontally, she couldn't see through it and had to go with her gut instinct, I suppose. She said she thought that there was one small vein that she had to miss and that was it, which was good.

After using the rest of the paper towel roll to control my drooling and after realising I kept pulling my tongue into my mouth, I finally just said: "Okay, it'll be done soon. Just get it over with" and I stuck my tongue out. When she put the needle through... well... let's just say it DID NOT feel nice at all. A horrible pain shot through my tongue and down my throat and it wasn't your usual –pinch and then the pain is all over-. There was a searing pain the entire time she was putting the needle and the jewellery through. I didn't stop panicking the entire time either, apparently I was being very loud. It didn't bleed at all, which I was surprised about because I read that it bleeds A LOT, but she said the needle and jewellery going through so fast acted as a plug.

Finally she had the jewellery through and it was all over, but that didn't stop the horrible pain. She then took a picture of it and I saw it in the mirror. I couldn't stick my tongue out but if I just opened my mouth a bit, you could see it. I sat down for a bit after that and had some water just so I didn't get dizzy and pass out on the walk home. The piercer seemed so proud of herself because it was her first one and she did it perfectly.

For the first couple weeks it hurt a lot. I think there were actually a couple days where I just didn't speak at all because it hurt too much. I was worried that I would have a lisp the entire time I had it because I had read that your tongue doesn't bend the in a certain spot that prevents the lisp. It didn't swell very much, and obviously I couldn't eat anything for about a week, just watery stuff. I think it took about 2-3 weeks to stop hurting.

Right now it's doing fine. I completely adore it and I really love the shock I get from people. Some people are completely disgusted by it and some people are in love with it. I think it's pretty much healed right now and I don't have a lisp.

<b>Words of wisdom:</b> Just think about it hard. It's an amazing piercing once it's done healing but I think I got lucky with it. There's a bunch of stuff that can go wrong so just go to a piercer that has a good head on his/her shoulders, and knows what they're doing. A lot of places won't do it because it's far too risky but don't settle for less. Overall it's an amazing piercing if it turns out right. Good luck to anyone who wants to get one. =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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