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Tongue Horror

I had my tongue pierced when I was 16. It went exactly how everyone told me it would, it swelled up huge, then a few days later it was fine.

Due to some legal circumstances I had to remove all of my piercings, and afterwards my parents refused to let me get any redone. It really bothered me too loose them, I had my tongue , my lip, my bellybutton and my ears gauged to 4 gauge, and now all I could put in were my gauges. After a few months I missed my tonguering dearly enough to seek out a shop that would do it for me without my parents around.

Every shop I went to needed my parents to sign a paper. That wasn't gonna happen. Out of desperation I even started calling shops outside of town only to find that I was out of luck.

About the same time I was accepting I might have to wait until my 18th birthday, someone told me about a place called the Focus in the hall mall that would pierce me.

The next day I rode the bus downtown and came up around noon to ask, since I couldn't find a phone number anywhere. The place made me really uncomfortable, and the piercing room was ironicly located next to a pipe shop. The tattoo artists told me that the piercer diddn't come in until late, so I ended up waiting nearly two hours for him to show up.

This is where I started debating waiting until I was 18 and leaving while I had the chance.

At first the guy diddn't even say anything to me, he just walked into the room and slammed the door behind him. After about ten minutes I gathered the courage to knock on the door.

I came in and took a look around. The shop wasn't like any of the other shops in town, there was junk covering the display case, and loose wires on the floor. The only clean looking thing in the room was the chair.

The piercer, Kyle, looked like he was maybe my age, and diddn't really talk until I asked him about getting my tongue pierced. I told him that I had already had it pierced and he had me sit down on the chair, no questions asked about my age.

Without even talking it over with me he got out his tools, which all seemed suprizingly clean. I sat down on the chair and he told me to stick out my tounge. The thought of backing out crossed my mind, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to go anywhere else until I turned 18, and I really did not want to wait that long.

He got out the clamps, and I thought it was the worst part of the process with all of my piercings, so I just closed my eyes and tried to ignore it. Without any warning he put the needle through my tongue and put in the jewelry without hardly any pain.

At this point I was suprized, I had gotten myself pretty psyched up, and even though it was bleeding quite a bit, it seemed to go pretty well. That all changed when I looked in the mirror. I was worried when he diddn't mark it or anything, but I assumed he was going to go through the original hole, (it was still very visible) instead he had gone maybe a half inch back from the tip of my tongue, even worse, it was super crooked. When I closed my mouth I could feel the bottom of the toungering against my teeth.

I payed him, and left the shop completely pissed.

The rest of the night I did what I had done for my original tonguering. I ate jello and ice cream, and it hurt a lot more. Kyle had told me that piercing through scar tissue will hurt more, but it wasn't even through the original scar.

Finally by day 2, with my tongue swollen and in constant pain, I took out the toungering and let it heal up.

Since then I've had my tongue repierced and healed after my 18th birthday, and I'm super happy with it, I just wish I would have been smarter and just waited until I was 18 to go to a good shop. I think the whole experience definately taught me a lesson. Your body is something you're going to be stuck with your entire life. Be patient with it, you have a long life to live and you don't need to rush things.

I'm going to Nemisis for all of my piercings from now on. The employees are all very nice and helpful, and I get my money's worth when I get a piercing there. If you're in the Iowa City area, I suggest you do the same.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Kyle
Studio: Focus
Location: Iowa+City

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