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Daddy will never know....

I've wanted to get my tongue pierced since I first saw Scary, from the Spice Girls, and I would've been about 8 at the time. Now I come from a fairly strict military family, but over the years my parents have come around to accept the fact I have my own style and like to stand out (ie. my hair was hot pink at the time). By the time I was 16, I had my ears pierced three times, my navel and inverse navel done, and to their dismay, still wanted more piercings.

One day a few months back, my boyfriend and I were driving around town, and he pointed out this little piercing/tattoo place called Valhala. From what I had heard from friends, the piercer was a great guy but I had never been there before. We decided to go inside and check out the place (I would never consider getting a piercing if I didn't think the place looked clean). The piercer, Larry had no problem talking to us about the prices for each piercing, the jewelry he used, etc. He was just a really cool guy and I knew I wanted him to do my next piercing, I just didn't know what I wanted done. It was actually my boyfriend who suggested a tongue piercing because I had been talking about it a while back but never actually considered getting it done. Well needless to say, I wussed out that night. I couldn't imagine the idea of getting a needle put through my tongue.

For over a month I thought every day about what it would've been like if I had of got my tongue pierced that day. I went on Bme and google everyday looking for pictures of tongue piercings and reading all the information I could find on them. My boyfriend was convinced I was obsessed and it came to the point where I was driving him crazy because all I could talk about was how much I loved tongue piercings.

It was one day in April that we were going to meet up with some friends and go to a Metal Show that night in town that I randomly decided I was gonna go through with getting my tongue pierced. My boyfriend figured I wouldn't be able to go through with it, so he decided to come along for moral support.

When we arrived at Valhala, Larry recognized us and after teasing me horribly about chickening out the first time, got all the paperwork filled out and everything ready for me to get my piercing. Sitting down and waiting was probably the worst part. My nerves are so bad. But Larry was awesome. He made me laugh and talked about how tongue piercings were easy and didn't take long at all to heal, etc. The mouthwash I had to rinse my mouth with tasted horrible! And the clamps he put on were slightly uncomfortable, but then again, sticking your tongue out and sitting like that for a couple minutes isn't exactly comfortable....Anyway, the piercing part was completely painless for me. Seriously, I didn't even feel the needle go through! That was quite a pleasant surprise for me considering I was expecting it to hurt a lot!

After we left Valhala, we stopped in at McDonald's and got a big glass of ice. Well, actually it was my boyfriend who went and got it, by then my tongue had started to swell and I wanted to stay in the car admiring my new piercing in the mirror. We went to the Metal Show and it was awesome! My friends were all very impressed and couldn't believe I got my tongue pierced. My tongue really didn't start hurting until the next morning....

I stuck to eating jello for about four days straight and I had a funny lisp because my tongue was so swollen. It was really sore the first day, but it probably didn't help that I kept sticking my tongue out to show people. My mother did notice that I was talking funny so I admitted I got my tongue pierced, but she is pretty cool with piercings and she thinks my tongue piercing is awesome....my dad on the other hand will hopefully never find out... I couldn't be happier with how my tongue piercing healed (the swelling went down after about 5 days and I had no problems with it after that). I was very careful with it though, rinsing my mouth every time I ate, and I even kept a little bottle of Listerine in my purse to bring to school! The funny part now is that I rarely even notice I have my tongue pierced...it doesn't feel odd or anything to have a piece of metal in my mouth anymore.

Larry was a great piercer and I was so happy with how everything turned out and I would definitely go to Valhala again. I think I am officially addicted now....I am already planning out that next piercings I want!! And to anyone who is considering getting a tongue piercing, I would say go for it :) it doesn't hurt, heals fast, and it's just so much fun to have!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Larry
Studio: Valhala
Location: Saint+John%2C+New+Brunswick

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