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"You Can Close Your Mouth Now."

Trendy? Unique? I don't care. A tongue piercing is something I've wanted for a long time, about 4 years. I don't even remember why I wanted it at first. After begging my mother numerous times, the answer was always no and the idea of ever getting it was out of my head, but I still wanted it.

A few months ago, the idea of venoms came into my head. I knew I wouldn't be able to get them, but it didn't hurt to dream about it. I knew no one else in this hell hole of a town would ever have them, and that was one of the reasons venoms appealed so much to me.

On the 8th of September, a Thursday, I called my piercer, Tabitha, at Nexus. I asked her how much they would be and all that good stuff. After a brief conversation, I said I'd be in on Saturday for venoms.

I knew I still would have to talk my mom into it, but I was confident enough about it, seeing as I've talked her into letting me get my lip pierced; another piercing she would not allow. Anyways, in the end, she said I could only get one.

The day before I got pierced, I was a bit bummed because I wasn't getting venoms, and I could name various people in this town of 1500 people that have their tongues pierced. I thought to myself, "Who cares if they have their tongues pierced? I'm not getting it for anyone, but me. Why try to be different?" And that was that. Now onto the day of piercing.

After a grotesque meal at Wendy's, my mother and I went to Nexus. As we pulled into the parking lot, I was pretty nervous. After a 5 minute wait for Nexus to be open, it was just about time. I had a 10 minute wait, because Tabitha was busy with the lady that had went in just before me. So I talked to the tattoo artist/my mom's friend, Guillaume about the Sex Pistols and the Clash, because I was wearing a Sex Pistols shirt at the time. When Tabitha was done, it was my time. Didn't have to sign any papers because I had been there earlier this year. I paid up $70 and answered some standard questions on the release form, and went into the back.

I sat on the bench and awaited the pleasant mint anesthetic but instead got a foul banana tasting anesthetic. Oh well. Tabitha measured my tongue, got out the barbell and needle, and all that good stuff. I was then told how I was to have my tongue during the procedure, which I was reminded throughout the procedure. I very fortunately did not have to go through the procedure I'd heard of before. No drying the tongue and no marking, which apparently is a pain in the ass. Guillaume came into the room to hold the clamp. A little girl that was in the studio with her parents asked if she could watch, which I was fine with. The clamps went on, and I braced myself. I closed my eyes, and the needle went through on the count of three, followed with the barbell. After the ball was screwed on and Tabitha's hands had left my mouth, I still had my mouth open and she said, "You can close your mouth now." Haha. I rinsed with mouthwash and took a look in the mirror. It looked awesome.

The woman and her daughter whom were watching were surprised that I barely flinched when I got pierced. I was also kind of surprised, because I usually flinch a bit, but not in the area that I'm getting pierced, which you know... is a good thing.

Anyways, watched Tabitha throw away the needle and went over the aftercare. After showing a lady in the shop my new hole and buying a tongue barbell, I thanked Tabitha and left and immediately bought alcohol-free mouthwash.

Before I even left the shop, my tongue had swelled from ball to ball. I was surprised that I could still talk normally. And I knew this was going to happen... just because I had just gotten my tongue pierced, I was hungry. Since we had to go to Nanaimo right after I got pierced, we didn't have time to go to 7-11 to get a slurpee, which I was quite disappointed about, but I had ice water.

When we got to Nanaimo, I finally got a slurpee, and it hurt my tongue to suck. Immediately, I ran back over to the counter and asked the lady if I could have a spoon. She looked at me strangely and gave it to me. I had also bought a muffin. I ripped off tiny pieces and attempted to eat it and it didn't quite work out. That night, we had pizza, which I surprisingly was able to eat. I went through more than a tray of ice cubes afterwards, though.

I got my tongue pierced just yesterday, and am not disappointed at all. And without marking, the placement turned out perfect, it doesn't touch my teeth or gums unless I make it, and do not have any expectations for it to be a problem in the future. If you want the piercing, but don't exactly want to get it for a silly reason such as the one that I had, just do it. Although I still want venoms (and plan to get them), I'm quite happy with my standard tongue piercing.


submitted by: tastes like happy.
on: 19 Sept. 2005
in Center Tongue Piercings

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Artist: Tabitha
Studio: Nexus
Location: Campbell River, BC, Canada

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