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2nd Piercing

So I've been wanting to get my tongue pierced for about three years now, but didn't because my husband isn't a big fan of any piercing. About a year and a half ago I got my navel pierced by lil' Greg in Lake Geneva, WI, but at the time I worked in an office where tongue piercing would have been frowned upon. So my 36th birthday is coming soon (yeah me!), and I no longer work in an office so it's not an issue now. My husband said that if that's what I wanted to do then I should, and that's what he would get me for my birthday, though he's not particularly happy about it. I thought I should do this before my actual birthday so that all the swelling and all the bad stuff would be out of the way by then.

Now I come to the problem of where to go get it done.  Lake Geneva is too far away to go just for a piercing (last time I was there while my husband was getting inked)  so I asked a couple of friends, but they've had theirs done so long ago that they really had no recommendations.  I started searching the internet, but of course I'm not going to find a shop's website saying that they suck.  I wanted somewhere that I would feel comfortable, and that I felt I could trust.  Then I found BME.  Started looking at stories of a few places that I knew of, and I would find some good some not so good stuff about most of them. Then I found a story about Kivaka, then another then another, and so on.  One thing all of these stories had in common was that they all had nothing but nice things to say about him.  My problem now was that I couldn't find the shops that they all listed him as being at.  So I did a google search on his name and found his personal site which told me when and where he worked.  As it just so happens he is only a few miles from where I live.  Perfect!

My husband, son and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner then just up the street to Wolf's Fine Line Tattoo.  Went in told then why I was there, Kivaka happened to be sitting at the front desk and asked me to stick out my tongue so he could inspect it.  While he went in back to get things ready the young lady at the front desk gave me the paperwork to fill out, then she took my money.  Kivaka came to get me, I told him why I was there, based on recommendations from BME, and the fact that he also used to work at Lake Geneva where I wanted to go in the first place.  We compared a few tattoos that we had done by Jenny in Lake Geneva, and I showed him my navel piercing done by lil' Greg.

Everything I read was true, he was very pleasant, and made me feel comfortable. He reminded me to breathe several times, however as soon as he stopped telling me to breathe I stopped breathing... BIG mistake, I nearly passed out after it was all done, not because it really hurt at all but because I held my breath. He laid the chair down made me sip some water and reminded me to breathe, that soon passed and now my tongue feels really fat, I love it though. As I was laying there waiting to feel better and not look so green, my husband and son came over to show their concern and to make sure I was ok, it was very sweet.

I think the hardest part for me was the not talking; I'm a very verbal person.  Being quiet isn't in my nature.  I noticed that for the first few days that if I did talk too much it because painful.  The diet part was pretty nice, lots of smoothies, just be careful not to get anything like strawberry or raspberry that had seeds in it.  Milkshakes are yummy, but can be a little hard to get started through the straw.

It's been a couple of weeks now, and I'm going tonight to have a shorter barbell out in. I've wanted it for so long, and now I've got it. My husband still isn't very happy about it and I think he's even sorry that he told me to go ahead and have it done, but I'm sure that once this one is healed completely he'll see the benefits of me having it :)I think this is it for piercing for me, but if I were to get more or if anyone ask for my recommendation I will absolutely tell to have it done by find Kivaka!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Sept. 2005
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Wolf%27s+Fine+Line
Location: Joliet%2C+IL

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