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oh, how I love my new play-thing!

Okay, so here's the scoop: I'm addicted to piercings. I don't have many; in fact, I only have my rook, my tragus, my navel, and my lobes done...plus my new web. I have always been intrigued by piercings and I think they're an awesome way to express your individuality and spontaneity. There are so many different options out there, and you're always bound to have something none of your friends or close acquaintances have. Anyway, I love piercings!

What made me decide on a web piercing? Well, to start off with, I have a horrible oral fixation; I CONSTANTLY need something in my mouth to play with and keep me occupied...(helps from things getting boring and keeps my interest held!). Secondly, I have parents from the stone age and they despise any piercing other than the traditional single lobes done by the horrible piercing gun and they would kill me if I actually got my TONGUE pierced. Thirdly, I'm a new nurse in Chicago and any kind of facial and/or oral piercing is totally out of the question. I had seen a picture of a tongue web done before and I thought it was neat looking and figured it would satisfy my need for metal in my mouth.

I was concerned at first about the tearing of the frenulum, and how painful it would be, plus I was worried about kissing and if it would get in the way or chip my teeth when I talk and general stuff like that. I did my research, read all the wonderful experiences on BME, and called around to my top 3 favorite piercing shops and asked questions. This took me about a whole week to finally get the nerve to get my mouth pierced, the longest time ever for me to decide on a piercing!

I went on a Tuesday, when all my friends were at work. I have NEVER been pierced solo before, so this was psyching me out. I wanted it to be exciting and different...and not many people knew I was going to get it done. So, here I am, driving all 45 minutes out to Lockport, blasting Radiohead, and getting ready for my piercing. I get there and talk to Kivaka, the piercer, about my choice and he gets my papers ready. (This guy is super cool, for any of y'all who live in the south 'burbs of Chicago. He's real calm, knows his stuff, and makes the entire experience comfortable).

He takes me back into the piercing room, which is uber clean and sterile, and sits me on the table and gets his supplies ready. We talk for a bit, he takes a look at my mouth, cracks a joke, and gets the needle ready. Kivaka didn't use a clamp for my web, which was cool because I had heard that they hurt lots. I kept my tongue pressed to the roof of my mouth, took a few deep breaths in, and...POP, I have a needle in my mouth! Didn't hurt a bit, not at all, zero pain! He put the cork on the needle, got my 14g CBR, popped it in my mouth and that was that. He talked me through the aftercare, cracked another joke about kissing, and we called it a night. The whole thing took, no lie, about 4 minutes from beginning to end. Cost me about $50 bucks plus a nice tip, and I'm happy as a clam!

It's been about 2 and a half days since I got it done. There has been minimal to no swelling, no pain, and I can still talk like my motor-mouth self. Aftercare consists of diluted Listerine antiseptic mouth rinse after eating, and brushing the teeth. Don't touch it or really play with it too much because you'll only aggravate it and make healing longer.

The fear of my parents finding out has dissipated...you can't even tell I have something in my mouth. There are, at times though, when it clicks my teeth when I talk too fast, but it's only noticeable to me. Eating is a bit of a chore, though, because you have to be constantly aware that the metal under your tongue IS NOT FOOD!! Other than that, this thing is the neatest piercing!

My friends all think I'm crazy! They're all like, "Why'd you do that? What's it for? Didn't it hurt?..." blah blah blah...My boyfriend hasn't seen it yet, but I'm sure it'll be cool; can't wait to try out the kissing thing...hehehe

I'm going to be a lemming here and say what everyone else has said on their experiences...I TOTALLY, 100% recommend this piercing to anyone who has an oral fixation, can't do the whole tongue ring thing, or is looking for something different to pierce. It's fun to play with, doesn't hurt, and is totally unique...for the most part. It'll be your friend when you're lonely, and no one knows you have it if you don't tell them...plus it's awesome for shock value!

Go for it, young piercers! Have fun, and be different. Why be anything else?!...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 April 2004
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: kivaka
Studio: tattoo+city
Location: lockport%2C+il

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