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16 with two tongue piercings

I've wanted My tongue pierced ever since the first time I saw it. Unfortunately my mom did not feel the same way about this piercing so I consequently begged for it for many years. Finally for Christmas in 2001 my mom agreed to let me get it done for my present. I got it done four days after Christmas, at a piercing studio called Ink Link. I have gotten two other piercings there since then, and I really enjoyed my experiences there. After that I thought I would be finished with oral piercings, I had my favorite piercing, what more could I want.

Well this past week my friend called me to let me know that me that there was a piercing and tattoo exposition being held in Coral Springs that weekend, unfortunately you had to be 18 to get in. Since Im only 16 I didn't even take consider going to the exposition. Then he told me that he knew someone who could get us in. I was so happy because I really wanted my tongue pierced again. Actually I wanted it pierced twice more. So we decided that we could on Saturday. When we got to the Marriot Hotel where the eight annual tattoo and piercing expo was being hosted. I was all excited and nervous. We went in there and were wandering around. All you could hear was the buzzing of people getting new, fresh tattoos. Somewhere in another room was a fetish show doing on, and there was a man getting suspended.I recently bought a whole video about suspension so I found this to be very interesting. So we walked around looking at different people's portfolios. We found this one man who has a studio in Ft. Lauderdale who wasn't there to do tattoos, just piercings. I asked him if he would be able to do my tongue piercing and I showed him where I wanted it. He asked me to stick out my tongue so that he could see the underside of it and make sure that I had enough room in front of my tongue web. He assured me that it would be quite possible.Now I was nervous so I decided to go outside and get a drink.

When I came back inside there was a line of people waiting to get pierced, which I was fine with. The guy in front of me was getting his labret, and watching another person go through pain was really soothing. After he was pierced the piercer cleaned up and set out the stuff for my piercing. I watched him take out everything to make sure it was all sterile equipment, since I was very nervous about getting my tongue pierced by a piercer I didn't know. He asked me to sit down in the chair and stick my tongue out while he marked it. After he marked it I had to take out my first barbell. He then clamped my tongue which hurt quite a bit. He asked my friend to hold the clamp while he changed his gloves and took the needle out of its sterile pouch. Then he asked me to stick my tongue out further while he was sliding the needle through, which was really hard because I have a kind of short tongue. I stuck it out as far as I could and it still wasn't far enough. He ended up having to pull my tongue out with the clamp so that it was out far enough. As he was doing the piercing I thought that it hurt quite a bit more than my first piercing, but since it was long ago I may have just forgotten the pain.As the needle slid out the bottom he had to pull my tongue out even further, and the needle was still right next to my lip. I almost got another piercing.Then he screwed the ball onto the bottom of he barbell and he put my other barbell back in. He handed me mirror to show me m new piercing, and I realized that the barbell he pierced me with was considerably shorter than the long barbell I was wearing in the first one. Because of this I was worried about the healing process. What would happen if the barbell wasn't long enough for my tongue to swell? Im sure everyone has heard horror stories of surgical removal of jewelry. I guessed that the barbell was 3/4 of an inch while my other was 7/8.

The second one hurt a little more than the first one, but I believe it's because it was farther back; however this time the healing process seemed shorter. Well, it's still healing but I could talk better than I could after my initial piercing and I could eat with more agility. The tongue is, by far, my favorite piercing and I am so glad I got it done again.

I don't advise that people get piercings without their parents permission. Sorry, but they are the people who are responsible for you and your choices untill you are 18.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Sept. 2003
in Tongue Piercing

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Studio: 8th+Annual+South+Florida+Tattoo+Expo
Location: Coral+Spings%2C+FL

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