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tongue piercing trancending accessory

There are few things I take seriously in life. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Hotdogs? People who mispronunciation the word "genealogy?" the fact that the 16 year old college sophomore who lives below my dorm room is repeating one Eminem song over and over and has been for three hours? These things are all sources for wild, maniacal laugher on my part. However, my children, there is one thing that I take very seriously: body modification, especially piercing, but I suppose that's because it's the form of body modification I'm most experienced with.

Even though I'm an infant in this game (I only have five piercing and one tattoo...the first of which occurred a little bit less then a year ago) I lecture on the dangers of piercing guns to anyone who'll listen. I'll graphically describe the lengthy process of stretching my ears to their current gauge, explaining lymph and tapers and why wood plugs are better then acrylic because they absorb. I've defended tongue splitting, urethral re-routs and suspension to people who range from my elderly grandmother to my dear and close friends. I spend hours each week reading QOD and looking picture, attempting to learn as much as I can.

I think about myself a year ago. I was a happy-ish person but one thing I truly lacked was physical confidence. I always felt that there was a huge gap between my body and my mind, and I'd walk about feeling fairly awkward all the time. The decision to get my first piercing was for truly decorative reasons, and what I did not expect was the feeling of intense, almost-dizzying satisfaction it gave me. Excuse the melodrama, but I felt whole. A feeling that I wanted more off, and want more of still. Every piercing I've had unites me more. So I had my nostril done, my ears, my labret and my tongue, which is the story I'm going to tell you right now.

After I had my labret pierced, I realized that I really liked the feeling of metal in my mouth, and wanted more of it. The flat-back on my labret stud was sort of a tease for my oral fixation. No, no, not in a whore way. I always chewed on pen caps and whatever. I was discussing this with my friend, who has sort of been my piercing-advisor, and he said "well, why don't you get you're tongue pierced?" Almost instantly I got flashes of sorority girls in pale pink Greek-lettered t-shirts feeling oh-so awesome because they were pierced and it was hot. I was not that...at all. I always have this inclination to flee from things that are mainstream and cliché. But then I realized that for me, piercing wasn't about accessory, it transcended that completely, and if I was already a unique individual, I didn't have to worry about sharing a common piercing with people who do it for different, and to me...less sacred, I suppose, reasons.

I had already read all about the procedure, so we hopped into the car and drove down to the sort of questionable studio in my tiny college town. Now, the studio wasn't so bad. I had gotten my labret done there, and the placement was fine. It healed very nicely. The staff was very friendly too. When I had gotten my nostril done I was incredibly intimidated by the staff at the studio I went to at home, and it was nice to have more approachable people sticking needles in me. But the owner's small children, who were forever sticky, were there all the time, and they insisted on piercing my labret with an 18g which was ridiculous. I didn't want to wait though, so we went there.

I said "I want to have my tongue pierced, kids" and showed them my ID. I signed the necessary papers, and waited, more excited then nervous, but a little nervous still.

It was my turn, and the piercer-man took me into the room with a futuristic looking chair, and instructed me to sit down. I did. While the needles and jewelry were in the autoclave, he had me rinse first with water, and then with a mixture of 50/50 original-flavor Listerine and water. Good. He marked me, and I agreed with the placement, so then on went the forceps with incredible pressure, secured with an elastic band. The needle was raised. Eye contact between me and the piercer-man, and with a subtle nod I agreed that it was time. He told me to take a deep breath, I complied and felt the needle enter the soft muscle of my tongue, and penetrate layers. My rush was immense and almost meditative, and I hardly noticed the 14 gauge barbell being inserted. I swallowed and felt the swell of my tongue and the metal in my mouth. I sat for a second, then got up, and had the after care conversation. I was told to use gly-oxide twice a day, and rinse with either 50/50 Listerine and water or sea-salt water after I consumed anything or smoked a cigarette, stay away from solid and hot n' spicy food for a while, avoid oral sex or deep-mouth kissing. The standard drill.

An hour or so post-piercing, my tongue swelled to a point where it impeded speech, and was hard and weird. I stocked up on go-gurts (tubes filled with yogurt. I figured it was a good reason to be whimsical), distilled water and sea-salt, juice and spaghetti-os. Yum. It was only difficult to eat for about a week or so, and I ended up carrying around a water-bottle filled with sea-salt and water in my bag for after I smoked, or slurped down some go-gurt. It was good times, a little painful but very worth it.

So that is the story of my tongue piercing. It's been a fun seven or so months, filled with miss-adventure. I'll never forget the first time I came home with it, and my typically rational mom accused me of living a hedonistic life at college filled with raves and promiscuous sex. Or the time I swallowed the ball when I was at an Italian restaurant and ran to the bathroom to try to...bring it up. That ended in failure and mess, but it turned out okay because I bought a new barbell at a larger gauge. My tongue has been the most satisfying of all, and has given me the most sense of unity and completion. I can only wait anxiously until my next trip to a studio, ever-increasingly informed. I'm looking at retiring my current labret to replace with a vertical one, a septum, and replacing my current tongue with venoms. I want to experience suspension desperately, and also have a growing interest in brands. Awesome.


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on: 14 June 2003
in Tongue Piercing

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