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A Wonderful Experience and Some Good Tips

   First of all i'd like to note that i'm 16, Female, and that I live on Honolulu, Hawaii.

I had been contemplating getting a navel piercing, they were cute, but just way to popular. I decided that the nvael would have to wait. I had told mom I was going to have my tongue pierced, at first she was very upset that I wanted to 'defile' myself, well, thats the word she used for it. I like to call it body adornment :). I always thought of body piercing as a way to express oneself, to make the body more beautiful, and unique- to suit the individual. I gave her a long arguement as to why body piercing was not defilment. She kept telling me that all the kids and etc that got pierced are just losers that want attention. I was very upset to hear that she thought this way. A couple of years before, I was very depressed and was having problems at school because the students had judged me because I was 'gothic' or so they said, and gave me a very hard time at school- mom had referred to them as 'judgemental bastards' I brought that up. I said, "How can you say that your n ot a 'judgemental bastard' like them, and then the next moment tell me that all people who get piercings are losers? Doesn't that sound judgemental to you?" I must admit that after that argument, for the rest of the day, I was very upset.

  Well, I had guessed the tongue piercing was out of question. I'd guessed that i'd have to get it pierced *after* I moved out of the house and went to college. I was wrong. Mom came into my room later, she told me, "I thought about what you said, and I guess its okay to get a couple of piercings- just don't turn into a pin cushion, Sandra. I'll take you next weekend, but you have to pay for it. If you don't take care of it and your tongue falls out, don't expect any sympathy from me."  I was very happy, and boy was I ever surprised! I called up a lot of diifferent piercing shops, and visited numerous ones. I asked a lot of questions. (Remember, for anyone that is considering getting pierced, to ASK QUESTIONS! No question is stupid. Ask, ask, ask. The piercer, the clerk, your friends who've been pierced, etc. This is very important!) I asked questions like, "Do you throw away or autoclave the needle after each use?"  and "are the utrasonic and the autoclave in different  rooms?" if they answer no, to either of those questions, run away! Also,

questions like, "how long have you been in the piercing business?" and to see a portfolio of successful, healed piercings that s/he has done. If the piercer has an arrogant, know-it-all attitude, don't let them pierce you.

  Anyways, now that i've mentioned a couple things and pointed out some stuff, lets fastforward a little bit to the weekend when it was time for me to get impaled! (Woohoo baby!)  I was so excited :). From what I had read, tongue piercings either hurt VERY BADLY or not at all. I asked if they accepted walk ins and they said yes. I mentioned the website to them, and I got 10.00 off my piercing :). Anyways, my mom kept mentioning how annoying I was, which was embarassing. I felt like saying, "would you shut up already!?" but I didn't, because I reminded myself that she was restraining herself to let me get the piercing. So anyways, I talked to the piercer, <Gus Diamond> I had met him beforehand, and he was a pretty nice guy. I paid 80.00 for the piercing and barbell, and picked out my jewelry. I chose a pink titanium barbell- both balls unscrewable. It was a pretty nice barbell, actually. I was glad I got to pick. (If your considering get an off-the-tongue piercing,  like say nipple or navel, its better to get a CBR- captive bead ring. Its easier to clean and heals faster.)  Anyways, he led me into the piercing room after he autoclaved the barbell, as it wasn't very busy- I could be pierced right away. The piercing room was *very* clean. I was really impressed with Gus, (the piercer)

it was even cleaner than a dentists office. It smelled like amonia, bleach, and other cleaning agents. Very very sterile.

 I'll note that gus has been a professional for ten years, His piercing shop is really, really nice. Before I go on with my story, I want to note a couple more things to look out for: The studio should be well lit, uncluttered. It should smell funny, like a doctors office- ammonia, bleach, or etc. The jewelry should be displayed behind glass, and should have been autoclaved for about an hour prior to being set in the case. If the jewelry is out in the open, run.  

  Anyways, again i'll have to go back to my experience. He gently led me onto a chair, covered with that thin roll out paper they have in docotrs offices. He opened up everything in front of me so I could see everything and knew it was all clean. He told me to rinse my mouth out with a cup of what I think was diluted listerine. I rinsed out for a while, and then he told me to stick out my tongue as far as I could. He marked my tongue and gave me the marker- he said he never uses one more than once, so I got to keep it. He asked if I liked the position- it looked just fine, I said, "yes." and he had me sit back down on the table-like seating place. He told me to try and lick the tip of my nose. I did, and the next thing I knew, bam! he had the forceps on. I felt a small pinch. After a moment, I said, "what happend? Is something wrong?" he said, "No. Your done already." It was very very close to painless. This just happend a couple of days ago. He wrote down how to take ca re of it, and went over it with me orally as well. Diluted listerine and 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt mixed in with water to help it heal faster. I alsodrank a lot of pineapple juice.  

  Aftercare. The above, and plus extra doses of vitmain C, and zinc usually help piercings heal faster. Try not to talk very much, or else you'll end up with a sore tongue for the rest of the day. Herbal teas are you friend, especially when they are iced. Why? because for the first couple of days its really hard to chew and eat itty bitty things, especially meat. Unless you want some major pain, stay away from pointy, hard, spicy, or itty bitty foods.(like rice.) My family eats a lot of rice (we're oriental) so I had to learn the hard way- getting a piece of rice stuck under the barbell is NOT what I call fun. Make sure you chew really well. Also, its fun to clack the piercing around in your mouth- but be careful. Having a hard chunk of titanium steel or Niobium bonk your tooth and chip part of it of probably isn't the most fun thing in the world.

Anyways, drink a lot lot lot of cold cold ICY cold water. Always. It really helps with the swelling. I had read this beforehand, so I always always drank water, and my tongue almost immediatly stopped swelling, and never swelled up very much again after the first day. Oh, and if your wondering why your tongue gets huge in the morning, its because you didn't drink enough water before you went to bed- drink a lot of cold water before bed, even if you aren't thirsty. You'll thank yourself in the morning. Popsicles, herbal tea, ice, gererally really cold or really soft (both is even better) things are what to eat. Strawberries, really ripe bananas, etc can be eaten after a day or two. I'll tell you what I loved- icecream! My piercing was a great reason to chow down on ice cream, which is good, by the way. First of all because its cold, second of all- you can eat it without getting bits of it stuck all over your barbell. Third of all, it doesn't hurt to eat- its really soothing :).
Anyways, this is getting to be a bit long so i'll end it here. If your interested and you want to email me, feel free to contact me at [email protected] - don't be afraid to ask me any questions because asking questions is a really good way to start :). Have fun with your new piercings, kiddies, thats all for now!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2002
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Gus+Diamond
Studio: Paragon+piercing
Location: HI

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