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My family + my piercings = bonding

History: Hmm, where to start? My name is Lara and I have pretty liberal parents who realize that I am my own person. (I hear that's a rarity.) Now my relatives on the other hand aren't as liberal and consider my artwork to be "dark". (I can't wait when they see me designing creatures as a Make-up Effects Artist. laughs) Yet how can artwork be judged I ask? Exactly, it can't. Not that I overly care what they or anyone else thinks for that matter. It's not going to break my heart, far from, I'm too strong for that and openly welcome opinions when challenged. I don't consider my piercings typical. Although the story associated with them is just that. I got one piercing with each one of my parents. Something that I haven't read too many stories about. So my luxery and intent to keep them will be forever. Aww... now isn't that cute? barf My first serious piercing was my Labret which I went with my dad to get back in April even though I could've gone by myself. I got it a tad higher so it wouldn't bother my gums, yet still low enough to be center. It didn't hurt a bit. You know there's a needle going through the flesh, but that's all. No pain. Bundy was the piercer that night. Same shop. 19th June 2000, Monday: My mom had mentioned to me the night before that I could get my tongue pierced if I wanted to. Which I did, so I accepted her offer. 12:45 PM and counting... We get to Rock A Billy and walk past the mountains of tattoo graphics on the wall to the back where the piercing section of the shop is. "Yay!" I kept thinking to myself. I asked one of the piercers how much. He said, "fifty" and I said, "do it". He looked over my tongue quickly to make sure it was ok to pierce. I then filled out the required paperwork while talking to another girl who also frequents BME. "Heh, small world," I think to myself. We proceed onto preparing. While he was wrestling with the non-powdered gloves that kept breaking on him in the conquest to find a pair that didn't break, I rinsed my mouth out with Cool Mint Listerine for 30 seconds. He then had me sit down. Again, he was still having trouble with the gloves and we joked about bitching the company out that sold them to the shop and giving them the "Smack Down". Finally, a pair of gloves decides to cooperate. He has me lay back in the chair and then instructs me to stick my tongue out. He dries it off with a paper towel and marks the spots where the needle will go through. He went on to clamp and double check. When all was well, he took the needle and pierced my tongue when I exhaled. Bottom to top. "Hmm, not bad," I thought. My mother appeared to be the one who was going to pass out. (I found out why afterwards. Apparently, a bit of blood came squirting with the needle. Damn! If I could've seen that from a third person perspective...laughs) He then took firm hold of the needle and slid the jewelry into place. That part stung a bit, but it was tolerable. Kinda like that feeling you get after you bite your tongue accidently. He screwed on the ball tight and then told me to put it into my mouth. He double checked me to make sure I was fine, I said, "yeah, I'm great", but just to be sure he let me lay there for a moment before setting the chair back into place. Show over, I pay as he explains the last of the regiments that I would have to undertake. Meanwhile the others who had wandered in were still in a state of amazement over what I had done. I went with my mom to her workplace to get a cup of ice to suck on. No pain, just a little annoyance that is less than a sting, but still noticeable. (Kind of like an Ice burn on your tongue.) While we were there I showed off the fresh piercing to some of her co-workers. I also began to notice that ten minutes afterward I was producing a hell of a load of saliva because of where the bottom ball was resting in my mouth. That and I realized it was my body trying to "heal" itself the only way it knew best when it came to a mouth "injury". 3:17 PM... I munched on some Pringles. I honestly never thought I could hate food particles so much until that moment. I found I could still eat solid food, I just didn't have the full use of my tongue to guide me. Drank a lot of ice water and rinsed with Cool Mint Listerine after things that weren't water. Used more water to rinse any possible residue from the Listerine. 7:30 PM... I'm still going good. Mom joked with me about getting my nose done next to look like the modern primative that comes into her work. Nah, that's ok mom. I'm more interested in scarification, branding, and suspension I reply with a laugh. =) Day one since piercing... You know what? Either I am the exception to a lot of the stories I've read or there are just a lot of weaklings with tongue piercings. So let me get this straight... The day after is supposed to be when it catches up with you right? (I guess that's only for the typical person since scarification doesn't bother me. shrugs) I haven't felt a thing. Yeah, I had a small amount of swelling around the bar, but that went away after awhile from the time I woke up. Just your standard sleep swelling. Eating - Well, I was eating solids the day of my piercing within a few hours and I'm sure as hell not stopping now. =) I can eat, but again I'm not coordinated enough yet to tear through things. I can't wait to get a smaller bar... Is that your final answer?: So far, it's been fun. Out of both piercings that I have the tongue is definetly the conversation starter. I still get the occasional "Is the Labret real" question because some people still "fake" it around here. In either case I can't help but to roll my eyes when I hear something like that. "NOooo, I just have a piece of 14g stainless steel sticking out of my lip, it couldn't possibly be real." - My typical response...laughs I'm not going to sit here and persuade you into your choice of whether to go for this piercing or not, but if you want to chat or ask something to further assure yourself in your choice, then feel free to drop a line via E-mail or catch me on AIM and Yahoo messengers with the screen name of AlphaWolfMemnoch, or ICQ UIN # 36239494. Just let me know you want to talk about either Labret/Tongue piercings... Anyone else just looking for a chat, feel free. Rock on fellow Primatives!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2000
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Noel+and+friends
Studio: Rock+A+Billy
Location: Ft.+Lauderdale%2C+Florida

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