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I think it's pierced my mind - what about that part??!

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Well, I've been reading these things for so long-in fact I already sent in one-and I can't keep this inside me much longer or I'll burst so-here we go. I always looked at piercing as kind of cool slash grose, If that makes sense or not. I guess it was like seeing something too familiar and it kind of draws you and repels at the same time. I guess I was just waiting for the right time, like with my tat. You kind of just know. Am I waxing sentimental? Sorry, but for me stuff like this has to have meaning, if I want jewelery I'll wear jewelery.

My life has really sucked lately, if anyone knows anything about astrology I think I've been living under Saturn, you know, the planet that kicks your ass to get you to learn something? Anyhow I felt like it was time. I also had ten days off work?Yes that had something to do with it, for awhile I wasn't feeling tied up!Ny love of my life was over, I had tooo much for too long and I felt vindicated. I was ready, or so I thought.

Well this sounds so typical of all the snot I've seen on here about "my friend did it and it looked so cute that I. . . " Sorry, but my only friend-for real Shannon had her bellybutton done. Okay you can be ill when I tell you that's what I wanted. Sorry but that's a copout pierce. A cutesy pierce. Fuck my bellybutton, my tongue is growing a fucking hard on!!!

Okay, sorry. Um, well I got my eyebrow pierced and I was like oh look how cool I am-for a few minutes. Then I realized it was bleeding. And people were staring at me-not unusual for me because I am pretty slow-but star-ing. Hard. Okay, do I like this or not? Yes, I am not like you. This is usually good. But what if I want you to think I am? What then?

I realized after I did this that it's like letting someone read your diary or some happy crap. It's like letting people know something about you that has no direction, it can ricochet anywhere. I was very hurt by a woman I worked with who said "now I know you're fucking nuts" and she meant it.

Am I a freak-hippie-druggie-sodomasochist-depraved-amoral-heroin user-superfreak-idiot-loser? Yes. but what about my bad side?

I've had an eyebrow and a tongue done heres what I think 'bout it:


Yes it fucking hurts. Did you really think it wouldn't? That question sucks ass. Anyway when I got it done I just felt a stick and I could feel the needle in my tongue but it didn't hurt-that was a pretty cool half-second in my life-I felt like an Anasazi warrior or something. It pinched and I felt foolish for a minute in my life. Drool, spitting, remind you of good old Mr Dentist?I hate that part. Then I was shocked when I saw the thing. IT WAS SO BIG!I thought I was getting one of those cute ones that just kind of peeks out at you so slyly. NOT! Why did noone tell me this? My fault for not doing my research or asking a fucking question -but I thought it would be alittle more time consuming than 5 fucking minutes. Okay it's like your mouth has something big hard and painful in it and you like it tho.

Sexual, very. Comfortable, absollutely not. Your tongue feels like burger meat with a nail in it and it looks like a swollen piece of liver. And it's turning color! Yellow, blue-listerine is a fucking pain in the ass-people think I am a raging alcoholic because I am drinking the shit. I can't talk and when I do I sound like a brace face or someone from Sesame Street and that's when I sound good. But it feels like it has a home in my body. This has a mental chain of events that would take me years to say-it's like growing a new body part. But it's all good, now I know so much more about me. And other people. Those I liked the least before I like even less now. I've learned what a challenge growing can be. But about this muscle in my mouth-it feels constantly like a hot cocoa burn tingling all the time, it's bleeding yellow snot now and then, it HURTS, it feels tight sometimes and sometimes like a limp biscuit. I have a cigarette, mouthwash. I eat (ahHAHHAha) mouthwash. Brush teeth(ihave teeth?)mouthwash. Just to make it feel normal mouthwash. Don't discount salt water- it does something , don't know what but it feels good. Eat solids, CAREFULLFUCKINGLY at all times, don't eat or drink dairy, slushies rule, and if you think something's wrong try diluting the listerine. My mouth hurt considerably less and stopped swelling when I watered mine down about half. But that's just me. Respect it, it can hurt you!Don't stick your tongue out, don't talk for the first day. You'll be sorry.


This was a cakewalk. Wash it with liquid dial, dry it with a tissue, watch it when shampooing, driving, changing clothes, washing your face, you'll smack the shit out of it which is not good, it might decide to leave. Betadine and make sure you use enough, it's not pretty but neither is pus. Kay? Don't play with it, make sure the balls on tight right after you wash and dry it-hands are clean-no hairspray or makeup on it, keep the sweat and dirt off if humanly possible-don't be lazy or smack it because you think a fly landed there(yes I am Retarded) take care of it or it won't be happy. It itches, it aches, it gave me a sinus, it looks red and bruised and pretty swollen for two days. But I love it. I love being myself. If I wanted a label I'll wear a Tommy shirt and get some dreds and then I could be "hip". Well I'm just me, the freakazoid. But I have a life and that's cool. If anyone wants a question or whatever



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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