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Getting my tongue done

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Howdy all, :) First of all I would like to state for the record that I am what I would consider, a rather ordinary person. I'm 27 and the mother of two, and so disgustingly normal it makes me sick. I began with wanting to have my nipples pierced, but being the big sissy baby I am, I decided to start with the tongue and work my way up. (or down).

I started out by calling every place in my mid size town in Washington that offered body piercing. I grilled them all on techniques, how they cleaned their stuff, duration of swelling, eating, everything you could ever hope to ask and more! To say the least I was not going to rush into this without the facts. After I considered everything even cost, I decided to do it at Rings of Fire on Monroe Street here in Spokane. They use hospital sterilization, and their piercers are Certified Master Piercers with the Accoc. of Professional Piercers. I honestly believe if you are going put more holes in your body than you are born with, you should seek out the best. :)

I walked into their store and was totally amazed! It isn't some crummy hole in the wall and it isn't some floresent lit place that makes you feel like you are under the spotlight. It is very clean, with display cases of jewlery across the front, and art on the walls. They have dark, plush carpeting, and nice chairs to sit and wait in.

Certificates of Piercing are proudly displayed for each piercer. They have a seperate room for piercing, so everything is very private. Extremly professional.

I paid for my pierce in advance and waited nervously with several other girls having a wide range of things poked. We chatted about people we knew with piercings, what we were piercing, and how much we thought it would hurt. Amazingly we were all there for our very first piercings. I watched their faces as they came out, hoping I wasn't going to run screaming from the building! I admired their new holes, and they all assured me I could handle it. After about a 25 minute wait the door opened, and the piercer called my name. She looked at me and smiled, which did make me feel a little bit better. She told me to lie down on the chair, while she put on her gloves and got things all laid out. I concentrated on the framed photos on the wall of people with various piercings, trying to get my heart to stop pounding so hard. When she was ready we discussed placement of my pierce, I am a waitress and I didn't want all of my customers to be able to see it, so I asked her if we could do it a little farter back on my tongue. She explained that you can't go through the tendon under your tounge, so we would have to pierce it at an angle, putting the top ball father back on my tongue than the bottom one underneath. At this point I thought my heart was going to pound right out of my chest! I felt dizzy, and suddenly wondered why on earth I was going to let someone put that needle through my tongue! She handed me a paper cup with some vile tasting stuff in it and told me to swish it for 30 seconds and spit it out. My hands were shaking and she smiled at me again and reassured me it really wasn't going to be all that bad. :) She dried my tongue off, and told me to stick my tongue out as far as I could. She put a good sized clamp on it, one with a metal tube on each side of my tongue to glide the needle through. I was so jumpy I pulled my tongue back and she had to put it back on. She started talking to me to calm me down, and without missing a beat, slide the needle right through! I hardly noticed! Just a small pinch and it was in! She pushed the needle out with the barbell and secured the balls. "That's it", she informed me. "That was it"? I asked, tongue still protruding from my mouth. I felt so silly about panicking over something so easy! I hopped out of the chair, legs still weak from nerves and went straight for the mirror. I small drop of blood showed on the top of my tongue, but nothing major. She told me how proud she was of me, gave me a shorter barbell for after the swelling, and sent me on my way with cleaning instructions. I stuck my tongue out for all the girls in the store to see, and we discussed plans for future piercings, though I doubt I will ever see any of them ever again.

I drove home, checking it out in the mirror the whole way, I was so proud! It's been 2 weeks since I did it and it feels great! I have switched from the 7/8 14 gauge it was pierced with to the 14 gauge 5/8 shorter one. Honestly the worst of the swelling was 3 days later, but I took Advil, and drank tons of ice water. I gargled with salt water twice a day, and ate soft foods. I'm suprised how quickly it heals, and I don't even talk funny! I think my piercer did a great job with the angled pierce, and it's perfectly centered. She told me I wasn't supposed to smoke for a week, but I did anyway, it didn't hurt, and I didn't have any trouble it with it. I seriously think having my tongue pierced is the coolest damn thing I have ever done! I really think it was the right pierce for a beginner, I highly recommend it!

Feel free to email me and happy piercing! Tara tara1@efortress.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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