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I think i should start off with a quick background just to

let you know my situation. I'm a 17/m from Arvada Colorado and my name is Dan and my gf's name is Stephanie (Steph, 16/f). Some people might call me freaky, but I don't think I'm too bad. Steph is very outgoing and constantly dying her hair different colors. Even though Steph and I have only been together a little more than a month, we have both wanted to get our tongues pierced for quite a while now. Since my parents and sister have been planning to drive out to Oregon for 2 weeks, I knew that during this time would be my only hope of piercing my tongue and letting it heal before they get back. Otherwise I have to wait until I turn 18 (6 months away... yikes). I have read a ton of the stories on BME and looked at all the pics. I have talked to my mom about getting my tongue pierced a couple of times, but she doesn't see why I want to smirk. She also doesn't want to be the one to give me permission. As for asking my dad, yeah right... he would probable crap his pants if he knew I had even thought about it. For me personally, a single tongue piercing adds A LOT to a girl that I already find attractive. It is just really sexy and a big turn-on. It can be a killer combo with a great personality. I also want to spice up kissing with Steph, and maybe someday use my tongue piercing elsewhere on her body :p ;).

Anyways, on with the story.  She calls me this morning

(Saturday) saying she found a place that you only have to be 16 and don't need a guardian's signature. I had heard from the stories that you should eat a lot before you get it done because it is a pain to eat very much the first few days. We ran for McDonald's and I was like, "#1 supersized," my fav. and Steph got a shake. I only chowed a bit cause I was getting butterflies in my stomach. We finally got there ( CDS pagers and piercing in Aurora ), signed our lives away (actually it was saying we wouldn't sue and it wasn't their fault if we died wink) and paid. 70$ apiece ($63 for the piercing, $7 for special colored barbells). Mine is a 14 gauge, 3/4 inch long one. The top ball is metallic green-blue and the bottom ball is a darker metallic green-blue, the shaft is a metallic pink, Steph got a 14 gauge, 3/4 inch, metallic rainbow sorta one. We waited for 25 mins for the autoclave to sanitize our stuff. We knew we wouldn't be able to really kiss each other for a while so we went outside the store and kissed one last time before our piercings.

We went back inside and were brought to a smaller room.

Steph went first because she is way tougher than I am. She sat across from the piercer in a kewl leather chair. The piercer put on some sanitary gloves and had Steph wash out with some mouthwash for about 1 min. and then spit it out. The piercer put the clamps on her tongue. They look like thin pliers with flattened out triangle ends with some space for the needle to go through in the middle. She (our piercer) put a rubberband around the handles to keep them tightly closed. The needle was like 3 inches long and pretty thin. The piercer said just relax and pushed it through, she let go with the clamps and slid the barbell over the needle and through Steph's tongue, then she took out the needle and screwed on the bottom ball tightly and she was done. Steph rinsed out one more time with mouthwash. It was like 20 seconds from clamps to screwing on last ball. Not bad, Steph said it didn't hurt so I got in the chair. Again the piercer changed gloves. I rinsed out with mouthwash and spit it out. She put on the clamps and told me to relax more. I relaxed my body and closed my eyes. The clamps didn't hurt at all, they were just on my tongue. Not even uncomfortable. I felt the needle go through my tongue. It didn't hurt though, I could feel it go through, but it was not like it was painful. She took off the clamps and put on my barbell, then screwed the bottom ball on tightly. The only very slight pain I felt was the threads of the barbell as they passed through my tongue. I rinsed out again and she gave us some papers telling us how to take care of the piercing. Steph bled on the bottom of her tongue a smidge but just wiped it off and that was it. Neither of us drooled, that would have been semi-embarrassing. The piercer told us to rinse after we put anything in our mouths besides water and no kissing for a week and no oral sex for a while (even though we don't go quite that far...). We tipped our piercer 15$ and went off grinning.

We got some ice (ok, a ton) and drove off to get Scope and

Ibuprofen. Then we drove around and showed off our tongues to some of her and my friends. We got a bunch of positive responses. Everyone was like "did it hurt?" and we both agreed that no it didn't. Both our tongues had swollen, but it still wasn't much more than a small ache. We rinsed after everything, i mean everything, we put in our mouths. After a while we just got used to doing it. At first we both had a bit of trouble saying 'th' and 's', but that didn't last long. Even though we were told not to play with it, I couldn't help it. IT IS SOOOOO FUN!!!! I can't even tell you. Learning to do new kewl tricks with it was a blast. We went over to a pizza place where a friend of hers hooked us up with a pizza. We came back to my house at like 10:45 pm. She was supposed to be home by 11:30. We started gingerly munching on the pizza. We were both laughing as we watched each other trying to eat. Veeerrrry entertaining. It took me 25 minutes to eat one slice of cheese pizza. Steph ate like 1 1/2 in that time. I had to take her home now so we rinsed and jumped in the car to drive to her house. I dropper her off and we kissed, but just lips. She was like "this sucks," and I agreed. I will probably die waiting a week to really kiss her again. Oh well, I think that it will be worth it after the swelling goes down and our parents unchain us from our basements. I came home and painstakingly ate 1 more slice of pizza. I ate some more ice and am now writing this. Swelling is not bad and the ache is gone. I'm just a smidge worried about the morning....

DAY #1  Sunday

My tongue is a bit swollen and there is an indention on the top of my tongue from the ball, but otherwise it is great! I could only eat a yogurt for breakfast. Me, Steph, and a bunch of friends went and watched some movies. Steph's parents said they would kick her out of the house if she ever got her tongue pierced, so she had to hide it as best she could. Luckily her parents didn't notice. I ate ice the whole time and am learning lots of fun ways to play with my new toy. I am taking Ibuprofen every 4 hrs to help with the slight ache and the swelling. When ever Steph is playing with hers, I can't help but watching. It looks sooo hot! Grrrrr. Our speech was back to normal by the end of the day. Still can't stop playing with it!!!!! I rinsed before bed and went to sleep.

DAY #2  Monday

Woke up and felt my tongue still swollen, but not as bad as yesterday. I noticed that the front of my tongue had my teeth imprints on it because the swelling held my tongue against the back of my teeth all night. The imprints went away as soon as I began to play with it again. This morning I ate a sliced up banana, not very filling.... hmmm... well still it is well worth it. Oh well, off for a day of ice and movies again with Steph and friends. Her tongue was swollen and had the indention on the top also. All day we ate ice and it helped a lot. We rinsed after anything we ate which made our usual snacking habits not worth the effort of rinsing. Through the day I took an Ibuprofen about every 4 hours regularly. It dulled the ache from constantly playing with it. I keep teaching myself new things to do. My fav is to roll the top ball across my top lip. My tongue is still not very flexible, so I can't stick just the bottom ball out of my mouth yet, but working on it. Parents called from my aunt's house and I was talking just fine. At the end of the conversation I told my mom what I had done and she was not so mad after all. That was a great relief. I finished off my BigMac and fries for dinner, not quite as tasty after being reheated. shudder Rinsed for the millionth time and went to sleep.

DAY #3  Tuesday

Found the indentions again but swelling is down a smidge more. I noticed some puss coming from the bottom hole in my tongue. Eww. I wiped it off and immediately started mixing half Scope and half water for rinsing (thanx to others stories on BME). Later I went to 1/3 Scope, 2/3 water. I ran around with my neighbors for most of the day. I am so happy that I got this done. I think I will keep it forever! Plans for the night got ruined when Steph's parents grounded her for something stupid. That was lame, so I just went home and rinsed and went to bed.

DAY #4  Wednesday

Woke up and the swelling was nearly gone, the only way I could tell that it wasn't all the way gone was because of the slight teeth imprints again. Oh well, feels great! Ate a donut with little effort. I spent the day up at my neighbors house (hey Kyle!). I got quite a reaction from his mom and friends. I stuck out my tongue and I heard all these "oh cool!" 's and "eww, gross!" 's from everyone. I laughed. I don't care if people don't like it, I am having so much fun with it that I would do it all again in a heartbeat. No doubt. Today I found a small amount of puss on the bottom hole again and so I tossed the Scope and am using salt water. (again thanx to the advice in some of the stories on BME!) It doesn't taste great but it is worth it to get rid of the puss. Today Steph, Aaron (hi Aaron!), and I went to the mall. I found out Steph told her parents about the piercing and they didn't care. I was glad because I was thinking they would send out a hitman for the guy who took her to get it done. I want a glow-in-the-dark barbell sooo bad, but I didn't find any ones worth getting in any of the stores. I think that it looks so kewl in the clubs when you see someone's mouth open and it is glowing a neon color. It was kinda fun getting reactions from guys and girls who noticed my piercing. Two girls in particular watched as I kept playing with it (knowing they were watching) as I looked through a store's glass case of body jewelry. When I asked to see the tongue jewelry in another store, some of the weird smirks and looks I got almost made me crack up right there. I'm telling you, it is way too much fun! By the end of the day the puss was gone. I got home and ate macaroni and cheese. Rinsed again and fell asleep.

DAY #5      Thursday

I got up, no indentions, no swelling. Feels great. Actually ate cereal, not too hard after all. Steph calls and says that today we are going to and get one of her friend's (Hannah) tongue pierced for her 16th birthday. We collect everyone and drive off to CDS again. Steph and I saw our piercer and she checked our tongues. She said mine looks great. I was like "Cool, thanx!" Hannah got her piercing and we left. I won't tell about Hannah's tongue because today is the last day I'm writing this since I'm back at 100%. We again drove all around showing off all of our piercings. I love to see people's reactions when we all stick out our tongues! Ate some nachos with Steph and that was no problem. Dropped off Hannah and headed to Steph's. When I dropped off Steph I asked how her tongue felt cause I kinda wanted to kiss her when both our tongues felt all better. Even though it hasn't been a week like CDS said we should wait, it felt fine. It felt weird, a good weird I might add, but her parents wanted her home soon so it didn't last long. I got home and talked with my parents, my dad took the news well also so that was cool. I only have to rinse after eating for 1 more day! (Saturday to Saturday, 1 week) I am going to finishing writing this and am off to bed.

I am soooooo happy with my new piercing. It is the best toy I have ever gotten in my whole life and I will be keeping it even when I am an old geezer. My advice is to do some research before you get your tongue pierced so you know what to expect. I also think that you should be doing it for good reasons. If you want the piercing for yourself, not just to be cool or be rebellious or whatever, then I congratulate you and say Go For It!!! But if you just want to be cool, forget it. That is the lamest reason I've ever heard because it alone won't make you cool. It alone won't make girls/guys want you. It alone won't make you popular. If none of these reasons are your inspiration, do it!!! If it is done professionally and right, just relax, it won't hurt except for a tiny, tiny bit. And it is TOTALLY worth it!!! If anyone has any questions, any questions or comments at all... just email me at demannangel@yahoo.com. I will try my hardest to answer any questions you ask. Have Fun!!!



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